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[News] GNU/Linux Clustering Software Proves Popular

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LINBIT Simplifies Linux Clustering With DRBD Management Console

,----[ Quote ]
| Over 1,000 people per day download DRBD from http://www.drbd.org. In order to 
| streamline DRBD's integration and installation for its user base, LINBIT has 
| developed a new graphical user interface. The DRBD Management Console (DRBD 
| MC) is now available for free download, just like DRBD.   



Linux Clusters, Complexity, and HA

,----[ Quote ]
| Continuing to look at some of the useful things one needs to know when going
| production with Linux. Applies to any other OS too in most ways, but examples
| are all from our Linux deployments, specifically our first year on our Linux
| based NAS.
| [...]
| The takeaway from all this then: Clusters do not, in and of themselves make
| everything magically more HA. You have to start with the best of breed in
| cluster software, but you also have to know the cluster environment, and test
| it seven ways from yesterday to be sure that in failure mode it is actually
| doing what you think it should be doing. This ties back to something I said
| last post. To paraphrase: There is no substitute for knowing what you are
| doing. Linux is not magic. Clustering is not magic. All the magic comes from
| your people. Your business is only as good as your process: Process designed
| by people who do not know what they are doing will land you in a world of
| hurt.


Sourcesense Launches Open Source Clustering Solution for Atlassian JIRA

,----[ Quote ]
| "We're very happy to be able to power transparent clustering for JIRA. By 
| combining the power of Terracotta's transparent clustering with JIRA's 
| tracking and management solutions, Scarlet allows developers to greatly 
| improve distributed computing environments with minimal effort," said Orion 
| Letizi, Co-Founder of Terracotta. "An improved experience benefits developers 
| and users alike. We look forward to continued great new ideas from 
| Sourcesense."       



Sybase set to support clustering in its ASE database

,----[ Quote ]
| ASE 15 Cluster Edition will run on 32- and 64-bit versions of Red Hat Linux 
| and SUSE Linux, as well as Sun Microsystem's Sparc-based Solaris systems, 
| according to the documents posted online. The database will support up to 32 
| server nodes sharing a single storage-area network   


GRID Superscalar Released as Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| The GRID superscalar (GRIDs) project at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center 
| (BSC-UPC, Spain) announced the distribution as open source of the different 
| components in the GRIDSs programming environment, both for Globus Toolkit 4 
| (GT4) and SSH/SCP.   


Terracotta Reloads Open Source Java Clustering Solution

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest release has been designed and tested with several open
| source projects whose developer communities are now looking for
| Terracotta support in those frameworks.


Terracotta open sources JVM clustering

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the most innovative products to come out of the Java
| community in recent years is Terracotta, a JVM clustering solution
| that can turn single-node, multi-threaded apps into distributed,
| multi-node apps with no code changes. Terracotta today has released
| their entire product as open source (MPL-based license) via the new 
| OpenTerracotta project.

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