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[News] Op-Ed: Microsoft is Doomed, GNU/Linux Set to Gain

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Microsoft realises it's in trouble

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's announcement last week that it plans to open its own chain of 
| retail stores "to create a better PC and Microsoft retail purchase 
| experience" might be viewed as just the company's next move in its continuing 
| marketing competition with Apple, but it might also be understood as more 
| than that. It could be a sign that the company has realised it's in trouble.    
| [...]
| Microsoft was forced to abandon some of its more egregrious practices with 
| respect to preload agreements in 1994, and - as software alternatives based 
| on Linux have become available - a few of the large PC manufacturers are 
| offering those to buyers. However, one result of such agreements and other 
| anticompetitive practices was that the company avoided or stifled effective 
| competition from other operating systems and applications for most of its 
| early history.      
| [...]
| Microsoft's failure to deliver a capable, snappy and attractive successor for 
| Windows XP in Windows Vista opened a window of opportunity, so to speak, for 
| competing operating systems. And as luck would have it, Apple's Mac OS X and 
| new versions of major Linux brands were ready to take advantage of the 
| situation.    
| [...]
| Increasingly these days, paralegals, engineers and architects, as well as 
| management consultants and marketing people, might be found to have different 
| operating systems running on two or even three different machines. One might 
| be a Windows machine, if their work requires it, but it's just as likely that 
| they might have a desktop running some flavour of Linux and an Apple Macbook 
| running OS X, or maybe a desktop and a netbook, both running Linux.     
| Last month web metrics firm Netapp released some statistics it gathered based 
| on 160 million visitors to its hosted domains. It said that Windows' market 
| share is now below 90 per cent at 88.26 per cent, while Apple Mac OS X market 
| share has reached nearly 10 per cent at 9.93 per cent, with the rest 
| accounted for by Linux. The Linux figure might be lower than its actual 
| market share on individual computer users' systems, but that's what Netapp 
| reported.      
| [...]
| That Apple's gaining market share can't be very comforting right now to those 
| occupying Microsoft's executive suite, nor can the growth of Linux awareness 
| and acceptance in the general consumer population. Welcome to the real world, 
| folks.   



Microsoft should have made deeper cuts, analysts contend

,----[ Quote ]
| The unprecedented layoffs and other cutbacks announced yesterday by Microsoft
| haven't appeased Wall Street. Microsoft shares are down more than 6 percent
| since the news came out, and some analysts assert that the company needed to
| go much further.

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