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Re: Draconian DRM Revealed In Windows 7

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____/ Terry Porter on Wednesday 18 February 2009 09:51 : \____

> Bit by bit the stories will start coming out and  just like all the variants
> of Windows before it, "Windows 7" will prove to be just another MS con job.
> Nice try by the astroturfers like MegaTurf tho, it was nice to have some
> reasonable and well written Windows advocates around for a while,
> compared to the foulmouthed troll nutjobs that live on Cola.
> begin{quote}
> TechForensics writes "A few days' testing of Windows 7 has already disclosed
> some draconian DRM, some of it unrelated to media files. A legitimate copy
> of Photoshop CS4 stopped functioning after we clobbered a nagging
> registration screen by replacing a DLL with a hacked version. With regard to
> media files, the days of capturing an audio program on your PC seem to be
> over (if the program originated on that PC). The inputs of your sound card
> are severely degraded in software if the card is also playing an audio
> program (tested here with Grooveshark). This may be the tip of the iceberg.
> Being in bed with the RIAA is bad enough, but locking your own files away
> from you is a tactic so outrageous it may kill the OS for many persons. Many
> users will not want to experiment with a second sound card or computer just
> to record from online sources, or boot up under a Linux that supports
> ntfs-3g just to control their files." Read on for more details of this
> user's findings.
> Re ? Photoshop: That Photoshop stopped functioning after we messed with one
> of its nag DLLs was not so much a surprise, but what was a surprise: Noting
> that Win7 allows programs like Photoshop to insert themselves stealthily
> into your firewall exception list. Further, that the OS allows large
> software vendors to penetrate your machine. Even further, that that
> permission is responsible for disabling of a program based on a modified
> DLL. And then finding that the OS even after reboot has locked you out of
> your own Local Settings folder; has denied you permission to move or delete
> the modified DLL; and refuses to allow the replacement of the Local Settings
> folder after it is unlocked with Unlocker to move it to the Desktop for
> examination (where it also denies you entry to your own folder). Setting
> permissions to 'allow everyone' was disabled!
> end{quote}
> http://tech.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=09/02/16/2259257&from=rss
> Linux is so doomed!

I assume those 1024 Comments are not praises for BetaVista7.

February 17.

Mark it.

The day BetaVista7 died _in the public mind_ despite publicity stunts from the
likes of W-E, Edelman, a truckload of paid shills with laptop bribes and
lackey journ-moles from IDG and ZeeDee|Gates.

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