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[News] New Zealand Becomes MAFIAA State, EU Procrastinates MAFIAAisation

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New Zealand Goes Black

,----[ Quote ]
| The previous government in New Zealand enacted an amendment to the Copyright 
| Act that required ISPs to have a policy to disconnect users after repeated 
| accusations of infringement, over the objections of technologists.   


Commission shelves plans to curb online piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Commission is set to put proposals to tackle online piracy on 
| ice until the end of its current mandate, following heavy pressure from 
| telecoms companies and consumer organisations alike, EurActiv has learned.  
| The EU executive had been expected to bring forward two initiatives in the 
| first half of 2009, both of which could have forced a more restrictive 
| EU-wide approach to free and illegal downloading.  



RIAA lies exposed

,----[ Quote ]
| THE RIAA HAS BEEN OUTED as a lying toad as it claimed in a letter sent out on
| December 23rd last year that it was discontinuing lawsuits when in fact, this
| was simply not the case.
| Mitch Bainwol’s letter to the Congressional Committees claimed that the
| Recording Industry Association of America "discontinued initiating new
| lawsuits in August."


RIAA and BSA's Favorite Lawyers Taking Top Department of Justice Posts

,----[ Quote ]
| RIAA-fan Biden's influence in the Obama administration may be larger than
| anticipated, at least when it comes to file sharing: His good pals with RIAA
| and BSA connections keep getting Department of Justice's seats.
| According to CNET, "President Obama is continuing to fill the senior ranks of
| the U.S. Department of Justice with the copyright industry's favorite
| lawyers" with the selection of Donald Verrilli, from the Verrilli Family, el
| Señor Presidente's latest acquisition.


Obama names Doerr, Phillips to economic board

,----[ Quote ]
| Two Silicon Valley leaders have been appointed by President Obama to a
| 16-person committee that's charged with offering economic advice during what
| has become an unusually sharp and deep recession.
| John Doerr, the billionaire venture capitalist at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield
| & Byers, is one. Doerr was involved in funding companies including Google,
| Amazon.com, Sun Microsystems, and Cypress Semiconductor; he currently serves
| on the board of companies including Amazon and Google and has recently turned
| his attention to green tech.
| Charles Phillips, the president of Oracle, is another. Phillips became
| president in May 2003 and previously was with Morgan Stanley's Institutional
| Securities Division. He's a Linux aficionado and said in 2005: "On demand is
| the future of software for many years to come and we are building it on
| Linux."

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