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[News] Microsoft Desktop Poorly Integrated Compared to GNU/Linux

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MS Office is not integrated with itself

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm continually amazed that Windows and other Microsoft products just don't 
| have the same level of integration and "ease of use" that have been there for 
| years in Linux. Microsoft needs to wake up.  


Installing software on Linux Monday: The repository is your new best friend

,----[ Quote ]
| Our word for the day this fine Linux President's Day Monday is “repository.” 
| I admit, it was one of those alien words that buffaloed me when I first 
| started learning. Linux geeks, like any group of insiders, throw around terms 
| that are incomprehensible to outsiders, but it turns out the concept is 
| really easy. A repository is simply an online software library that's built 
| into the operating system.     


Linux is a lot better integrated, with a single point that manages and keeps
all software up to date. Moreover, KDE is very well integrated and it contains
a huge raft of applications, unlike Windows (minesweeper.exe, notepad.exe and
so on).


Ubuntu and Mac OS X Integration

,----[ Quote ]
| So, when everything is said and done, I was able to achieve all my stated
| goals. The only outstanding issue that I haven’t yet figured out yet centers
| on automatic logins; for both AFP and SMB/CIFS, I get prompted for a password
| when connecting, even though I keep my password synchronized (manually)
| between my Mac and the Ubuntu server. Any tips on how to resolve that would
| certainly be appreciated.

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