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[News] GNU/Linux Earns Ample Space on PCs for Users to See

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Another desktop test for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I’m also encouraged, as well, to see Dell offering this hybrid line of 
| computer that put Windows and Linux side by side with capable hardware 
| support for both. Don’t think it means much for Linux to be a quick-boot 
| option? Check out some of Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin’s 
| thoughts, which I think help put this potential in perspective.    



Windows and Linux on the Same Laptop? You bettcha!

,----[ Quote ]
| The EE Times reported earlier this week that the Dell E4200 and E4300 laptops
| are running both Linux and Windows on the same machine. Why both you ask? The
| Linux OS provides a quick boot for checking email and other "light" computing
| duties while the Windows side allows "heavier duty" computing like running
| Microsoft Office applications. It runs with two chips, one from ARM and one
| from Intel. The ARM chip, provides instant on booting and is much more power
| efficient, while the Intel chip provides the juice to run apps that require
| more computing power.


Dell's hybrid laptops: Intel + ARM, Windows + Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell is offering Windows-Linux hybrid laptops that use both Intel and ARM
| processors. Though the user would never know it.
| As pointed out in this EE Times report, entitled "Dell has dragged the
| Linux-ARM Trojan horse inside the Wintel PC," Dell is offering a
| processor-plus-OS subsystem separate from the main Windows-Intel system.

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