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Re: FAA hacked ..

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____/ unionpenny@xxxxxxxxx on Sunday 15 February 2009 18:15 : \____

> On Feb 14, 1:46 pm, Homer <use...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Verily I say unto thee, that The Lost Packet spake thusly:
>> > Maybe someone ought to give them a love-tap with a big clue stick
>> The only way to protect such systems from being compromised by Windows,
>> is to have the government ban Windows from all mission-critical systems
>> in the public sector. The reason only they have not already done so, is
>> due to corruption (i.e. lobbying).
> Hi Homer,
> I don't think banning Windows from mission-critical systems will
> work.  It does not go far enough.  Too many non-critical but extremely
> important functions in today's civilization have been hooked into the
> internet.  Its bad enough to be a national security concern for more
> than one country.
> Microsoft has flooded the world with insecure and unsecureable little
> computers.  They have had more than 20 years experience with malware
> of all kinds, yet Microsoft, the fountain of innovation, has done
> nothing.
> Pushing Microsoft off all the critical systems will take a long time,
> meet with stiff resistance, and will likely miss something.  Even
> then, with all the Microsoft bot-nets, anything connected to the
> internet will still be at risk from DDOS attacks.
> A much faster and comprehensive way to do this would be for Microsoft
> executives to face jail time for their failure to take effective
> action.  Things will change quickly.

"Our products just aren't engineered for security."

                        --Brian Valentine, Microsoft executive

Security doesn't pay the bills. Aero Glass and Clippy do.

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