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[News] Canadian Government Wants Free Software

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An open door for open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| Federal government puts out a call for information on free software
| [...]
| Some examples of popular open-source software include the Linux operating 
| system, the word processing suite OpenOffice and the web browser Mozilla 
| Firefox.  



Vietnam to widely use open source software

,----[ Quote ]
| Vietnams Ministry of Information and Communications has instructed that 100%
| of all of Vietnams government agencies servers must run free software by June
| 30, 2009. They also mandate that IT divisions train their staff to use this
| software and require 50% of the drones to be able to use the
| technology “proficiently”.


Transparency and Open Government

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the first documents our new President signed within his first day in
| office is this memorandum on Transparency and Open Government.  It is a memo
| that I am personally very happy to see, not only because I agree so strongly
| with its content.  For the last couple of months I have been a member of the
| Technology, Innovation & Government Reform (TIGR) transition policy group
| focusing on innovation and government.  This Presidential memo covers
| precisely the area that we worked on.


Cuba Launches Own Linux Variant to Counter U.S.

,----[ Quote ]
| A Linux operating system variant called Nova, introduced in Cuba at a
| computer conference on technological sovereignty, is part of an effort to
| replace the Microsoft software running most of Cuba's computers. The Cuban
| government views the use of Microsoft systems as a potential threat because
| it says U.S. security agencies have access to Microsoft codes.


Russian Federation Commits to Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source software development in Russia is one of the most important
| directives for Igor Schegolev - the Head of the Ministry of Information
| Technologies and Communications of the Russian Federation. At a key meeting
| with Werner Knoblich, Red Hat Vice President for EMEA, he announced support
| for a Russian Fedora association and for Red Hat development in the Russian
| Federation. He also expressed support for open source infrastructure and
| applications, and the development of a repository for industry best practice.


Tories consider IT contract cap

,----[ Quote ]
| Instead of awarding long-term contracts to large IT companies they could open
| up the procurement process to smaller firms using "open source" software.


Tories Back Open Source Software...They Say

,----[ Quote ]
| Fine words butter no cyber-parsnips, of course, and I'll believe all this
| when I see it. Still, it's a start, and it would be good to see Labour
| finally admitting that its megalomaniacal, monolithic computing projects are
| failures, and adopting the decentralised, distributed approach the Tories are
| advocating here.


Tories consider open source and limit on size of government IT projects

,----[ Quote ]
| Shadow chancellor George Osbourne is considering a report that recommends
| putting a £100m spending cap on government IT contracts and opening up
| procurement to small firms using open source software.


UK Councils to explore Open Source benefits

,----[ Quote ]
| - First-ever UK conference on open source software in local government
| announced - As new US Govt looks at open source, UK called upon to wake up to
| opportunity

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