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[News] Why Microsoft Windows Gradually Loses to GNU/Linux

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10 reasons why Linux will triumph over Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| I have an announcement. The error of Microsoft’s ways is finally catching up 
| and will cause the once-invincible juggernaut to kneel before that which is 
| Linux. How is this? Microsoft started a tiny snowball when it released 
| Windows Me. That snowball did nothing but gain momentum. There have been ups 
| and downs along the way (XP being an up, for sure). But for the most part, 
| the court of public opinion has steady lost faith in what once was considered 
| the heart of personal computing.      
| [...]
| 2: Consistent Linux releases
| Converse to number 1, you have the far more consistent releases of the 
| various Linux distributions. Yes, there have been a few dips along the way 
| (Fedora 9 being one of them). But for the most part, the climb for Linux has 
| been steadily upward. Nearly every Linux distribution has improved with age. 
| And this improvement isn’t limited to the kernel. Look at how desktops, 
| end-user software, servers, security, admin tools, etc., have all improved 
| over time. Once could easily argue that KDE 4 is an example of a sharp 
| decrease in improvement. However, if you look at how quickly KDE 4 has 
| improved from 4.0 to 4.3 you can see nothing but gains. This holds true with 
| applications and systems across the board with Linux.         


Windows vs Linux.

,----[ Quote ]
| So it was then when I decided - I’m going for Gentoo Linux and NO Windows. I 
| choose Gentoo because of its excellent package management system and the 
| hopeful chance that I may be able to squeeze a few more clock cycles due to 
| the fact that everything is compiled (read optimized) from source. And the 
| learning curve? - well its not that bad.    



Seven Ways that GNU/Linux Tops Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| 1) Choose a Desktop
| Vista has one desktop. This fact is so ingrained in Windows users that the
| very concept of an alternative desktop is often hard for them to imagine. Yet
| GNU/Linux offers at least a dozen. Besides the popular GNOME, KDE, and Xfce
| desktops available in most distributions, you can also install ones like
| LXDE, ROX, or keyboard driven ones like dwm or ratpoison.
| [...]
| 2) Customize your desktop to the last detail
| A typical GNU/Linux distribution not only installs with a dozen themes
| compared to Vista's default two, but allows customizations that Vista lacks
| completely. For example, unlike Vista's taskbar, the panel on most GNU/Linux
| desktop can be resized vertically or horizontally, or given a background
| image. In addition, you can position elements on the panel in any order that
| you like, or add additional panels if you choose. Going further afield, in
| both GNOME and KDE, you can download install replacement panels.


What Is So Good About Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| Platforms. Linux is not just for Intel-based platforms: It has been ported to
| and runs on the Power PC—including Apple computers (ppclinux), Compaq’s (née
| Digital Equipment Corporation) Alpha-based machines, MIPS-based machines,
| Motorola’s 68K based machines, various 64-bit systems, and IBM’s S/390. Nor
| is Linux just for single processor machines: As of version 2.0, it runs on
| multiple-processor machines (SMPs). It also includes an O(1) scheduler, which
| dramatically increases scalability on SMP systems.



They say I need Windows Vista or better, so I got Linux.

,----[ Quote ]
| This is a blog of me talking about my switch to Linux from Windows XP.


Ubuntu vs Vista Vulnerability Counts in 2007 : Destroying the FUD

,----[ Quote ]
| For the record, the highly and extremely critical vulnerabilities are 10 for
| Vista, 13 for IE7 on Vista, 3 for Windows mail and 2 for Windows media
| player.

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