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[News] Nice Cutting-Edge Design in GNU/Linux

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Sweet home 3D interior home designer – design your home without architects

,----[ Quote ]
| Sweet Home 3D is powerful and easy to learn open source cross platform 3D 
| software tool. It's a free interior design application that helps you placing 
| your furniture on a 2D house plan, with a 3D preview! Install it and be your 
| own architect who can create the perfect house plan that will exactly fit all 
| your needs and preferences.    


Graphic Design For The Clueless: An Introduction To Inkscape

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the reasons I haven't been posting as many Linux reviews as usual so 
| far in 2009 is because I have been spending a lot of what little free time I 
| get learning how to use Inkscape.  



Scribus: Free, Open Source Desktop Publishing Muscle

,----[ Quote ]
| Word processors have gotten so good at creating rich documents that many web 
| workers never reach for a desktop publishing package. For creating really 
| great looking documents, though, desktop publishing can give you many types 
| of flexibililty and precision that word processors don’t offer. For a free, 
| very robust desktop publishing application, consider Scribus.    


Scribus - Desktop Publishing for Penguins  

,----[ Quote ]
| When it comes to desktop publishing, a lot of people might think of big 
| organizations producing newsletters, or your local boy scouts producing a 
| fund raising flier.  But the average person out there might not see where any 
| kind of desktop publishing is really needed.  Honestly, if you really look 
| deeply, you might be surprised.  There are a lot of great uses for desktop 
| publishing.  A lot more than people realize.   But what is desktop 
| publishing?      



Scribus: Open Source Desktop Publishing

,----[ Quote ]
| Scribus is an open-source DTP application, started in 2001 and written by 
| people who are clearly opinionated on subjects like typography and page 
| design.  


Scribus In-Depth Tutorial by Donald Emmack

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm impressed by this program. Being open source, it has room to grow
| with continued input and direction from users. The feature set is robust,
| and I feel confident recommending it to most small- to medium-size
| businesses with average to advanced publishing needs.

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