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[News] Dell Commences Sale of 'Dual Boot' GNU/Linux Laptops

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Windows and Linux on the Same Laptop? You bettcha!

,----[ Quote ]
| The EE Times reported earlier this week that the Dell E4200 and E4300 laptops 
| are running both Linux and Windows on the same machine. Why both you ask? The 
| Linux OS provides a quick boot for checking email and other "light" computing 
| duties while the Windows side allows "heavier duty" computing like running 
| Microsoft Office applications. It runs with two chips, one from ARM and one 
| from Intel. The ARM chip, provides instant on booting and is much more power 
| efficient, while the Intel chip provides the juice to run apps that require 
| more computing power.       


Dell's hybrid laptops: Intel + ARM, Windows + Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell is offering Windows-Linux hybrid laptops that use both Intel and ARM 
| processors. Though the user would never know it. 
| As pointed out in this EE Times report, entitled "Dell has dragged the 
| Linux-ARM Trojan horse inside the Wintel PC," Dell is offering a 
| processor-plus-OS subsystem separate from the main Windows-Intel system.   



Dell Mini 12" Now With Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Yup, the 12" are now selling with Ubuntu from the Dell website (Click the
| picture for the link). Our school system purchased a 9″ with Ubuntu, which we
| were happy with and seek to deploy into elementary schools to rival our
| eeePCs running Xandros


Dealzmodo: Refurbed 4GB Dell Inspiron Mini 9 $177

,----[ Quote ]
| You're basically trolling through their inventory until you find the one you
| want, which the $209 model with 4GB of storage and Ubuntu. The first time I
| picked one and added to cart, some dude apparently grabbed it before me, so
| I'd check two or three to add to your cart, then just delete the extraneous
| ones. Then just add the coupon code $C$TXXP1CT3BLC which will knock the price
| down to $177 for up to two notebooks in your cart.


Dell's Ubuntu Mini 9 gets more storage and memory

,----[ Quote ]
| The guys over at NetbookNews.it have noticed that Dell's Ubuntu based Mini 9
| netbook can now be equipped with a 64GB solid state drive and up to 2GB of
| memory.
| Unlike the Windows XP version of Dell's Mini 9 which is rather crippled and
| limited to 16GB/160GB and 1GB of memory options, the Ubuntu Dell Mini 9 can
| now be upgraded to 2GB of memory and up to 64GB of solid state drive
| capacity. The new features will of course lift the price tag to over US $500
| but it is nice to know that you at least can go for it.


Dell Mini 9 gets 64GB SSD option for Linux, same 'ol for Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking for a little more room to grow in a netbook yet still can't get over
| the fear of spinning platters that's plagued you for years? So long as your
| odd phobias don't also include open source software Dell has your fix with
| the Mini 9, now available with a $75 64GB SSD option when purchasing a model
| sporting Ubuntu.


Memo to Dell: Pump Up Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Sure, Dell has successfully introduced a few Ubuntu PCs and laptops to the
| geek crowd. But now it’s time for Dell to disrupt the very PC industry it
| helped to build.
| Remember: Michael Dell himself used Ubuntu Linux on a home PC before Dell
| (the company) decided to sell Ubuntu systems in mid-2007. Greg Davis, Dell’s
| new global channel chief, should do the same.
| Start using disruptive technology, Greg, to see emerging market opportunities
| before Dell's competition.


Dell’s Linux Ads: Microsoft’s Nightmare Before Christmas?

,----[ Quote ]
| For at least the third time in recent weeks, prominent Dell newspaper
| advertisements feature the Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook running Canonical’s Ubuntu
| 8.04 (that’s a small Linux notebook, folks). The VAR Guy hears Microsoft “has
| gone postal” over the Linux notebook ads. You might even say this is
| Microsoft’s nightmare before Christmas. Here’s the complete scoop.
| [...]
| At $349, Dell’s low-cost Ubuntu Linux system is “giving Microsoft fits,”
| according to one source familiar with the Microsoft-Dell relationship. “It’s
| one thing to have Dell ship Linux to consumers,” said the source. “It’s quite
| another to have Dell advertising Linux to millions of consumers in a Sunday
| newspaper heading into the holiday season.”


Dell Takes on Asus With Tiny Laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| The term "mini-laptop" may not have been coined by the people at Asus
| computers -- but they've sure made it their own. In less than a year, Eee PCs
| have defined the genre.
| [...]
| The new Inspiron Mini 9 is Dell's contender in the battle for mini-laptop
| supremacy. It is small (9.13 by 6.77 by 1.07 inches) and lightweight (less
| than 2.3 pounds). It's also configurable. You can choose your operating
| system (Ubuntu Linux or Windows XP), memory (512MB or 1GB) and solid-state
| storage (4GB, 8GB or 16GB). You even have your choice colors: Obsidian Black
| or Alpine White.
| [...]
| I asked Dell if I could try a Linux-based model. That's because Dell offers
| the current version (8.04) of Ubuntu Linux. I've been using it on a home
| laptop for more than a year, and I love it. It's fast, full of features that
| anyone can use, and best of all, free.


Dell’s Linux-powered Inspiron Mini 9 out now

,----[ Quote ]
| Been waiting for the Ubuntu-toting Dell Inspiron Mini 9? Well, wait no more:
| Dell has just launched the Eee PC-style netbook in the UK, priced at £269.

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