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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Loses the Fight Due to Its Shoddy Software

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Microsoft Update Takes on Spam-spewing Botnet

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has beefed up the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) that ships 
| with its Windows operating system so that it will detect and root out the 
| notorious Srizbi botnet code.  
| "This month's MSRT takes on one of the largest botnets currently active 
| worldwide," wrote Microsoft spokesman Vincent Tiu in a blog posting Tuesday, 
| the day the update to the software removal tool was released. "Win32/Srizbi 
| has been accused of being responsible for a huge chunk of spam e-mail 
| messages sent in the years after its discovery," he added. "We hope to make a 
| positive impact with the addition of Win32/Srizbi into MSRT."     


"We should dedicate a cross-group team to come up with ways to leverage Windows
technically more."

                                           --Jim Allchin, Vista escapee

Fake Infection Warnings Can Be Real Trouble

,----[ Quote ]
| Michael Vana knew something was up when he saw the pop-up from "Antivirus 
| 2009" in the middle of his screen. The former Northwest Airlines avionics  
| technician guessed that the dire warning of a system infection was fake, but 
| when he clicked on the X to close the window, it expanded to fill his screen. 
| To get rid of it, he had to shut down his PC.   


Fraudsters cream opposition in cybercrime wars

,----[ Quote ]
| The celebration of Safer Internet Day on Tuesday was marked by warnings that 
| cybercriminals are staying ahead of defenders in their attempts to defraud or 
| otherwise abuse internet users.  


It's too late for Microsoft. It's totally out of control.


Bots rule in cyberspace

,----[ Quote ] 
| USA TODAY REPORTS that on an average day, 40 per cent of the 800 million 
| computers connected to the Internet are bots used to send out spam, viruses 
| and to mine for sensitive personal data.  

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