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[News] Obama Regime Uses ISP Extortion for Web Censorship

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UPDATE: Say No to Copyright Filtering in Broadband Stimulus

,----[ Quote ]
| UPDATE: The House and Senate stimulus packages passed without copyright 
| filtering language attached, but now the concern is that the language could 
| return in the closed-door conference committee that works out the differences 
| between the bills. Right now, we need you to contact those conferees and tell 
| them to leave out this controversial provision.    


US lawmaker injects ISP throttle into Obama rescue package

,----[ Quote ]
| Clearly, a lobbyist whispering in Feinstein's ear has taken Comcast's now 
| famous euphemism even further into the realm of nonsense. 
| According to Public Knowledge, Feinstein's network management amendment did 
| not find a home in the stimulus bill that landed on the Senate floor. But 
| lobbyists speaking with the Washington DC-based internet watchdog said that 
| California's senior Senator is now hoping to insert this language via 
| conference committee - a House-Senate pow-wow were bill disputes are 
| resolved.     



Vietnam tightens rules on blogs

,----[ Quote ]
| Vietnam has tightened restrictions on internet blogs, banning bloggers from
| raising subjects the government deems inappropriate.
| Blogs should follow Vietnamese law, and be written in "clean and wholesome"
| language, according to a government document seen by local media.


China Rebuilds its Great Firewall

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that the Games are over, "China has resumed blocking access to the
| Internet sites of some foreign media," including the BBC, Voice of America,
| Hong Kong's Ming Pao and Asiaweek. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson
| said the sites have been blocked because they broke Chinese laws, such
| as "recognizing Taiwan as an independent nation."

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