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[News] Linux Phones Keep Popping Up Everywhere in China

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ZTE to show 10 smartphones at Mobile World Congres

,----[ Quote ]
| There had been speculation in the past that ZTE was working on a Google 
| Android powered smartphone, possibly for T-Mobile, but we've heard little 
| recently to support that notion.  


ACCESS China and NEC Electronics Develop Smartphone Reference Design

,----[ Quote ]
| ACCESS China Inc., a subsidiary of ACCESS CO., LTD., a global provider of 
| advanced software technologies to the mobile and beyond-PC markets, and NEC 
| Electronics Corporation, a leading provider of semiconductor solutions, today 
| announced that they have jointly developed a reference design for 
| smartphones. This solution is compliant with the CDMA2000 1x mobile 
| telecommunications standard and based on ACCESS Linux Platform(TM) mini, 
| developed for price-sensitive and emerging markets, and NEC Electronics' 
| MP201 application processor.       


The dying playerat the moment is Windows Mobile.


Why I Switched to Android from the iPhone

,----[ Quote ]
| The philosophical reasons:
|     * Android is open source.
|     * Because it’s open source, many of my favorite open source apps work
|     with it and not the iPhone yet, like KeePass, for example. (See
|     KeePassDroid.)
|     * Android’s apps are written in Java, and as a Java developer, this
|     delights me.
|     * Android doesn’t tie me to iTunes, which is a fine piece of software,
|     but is just a little too bossy and proprietary-like for my taste.


Android Diary I

,----[ Quote ]
| Why Not iPhone? · Clearly, at this time, the iPhone hardware and software are
| slicker, and the ecosystem is bigger. But I just can’t get past stories like
| Newber. Well, and I already know how to program in Java and don’t feel like
| picking up Objective-C and Cocoa to earn the privilege of being a
| sharecropper.

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