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[News] New NVIDIA Driver Released; Status of Open Source Driver

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NVIDIA Pushes Out Another Binary Driver Update

,----[ Quote ]
| NVIDIA has released the 180.29 Linux driver for x86 and x86_64 platforms. The 
| release notes list quite a few changes, but in fact they are just copied 
| forward from the earlier beta releases.  


Nouveau Driver 2009 Status Update

,----[ Quote ]
| The Nouveau driver has seen a lot of progress in the past year when it comes 
| to new NVIDIA GPU support, improved 2D acceleration, 3D acceleration working 
| for some GeForce series, and various other improvements. All 3D work for this 
| open-source community-generated driver for NVIDIA graphics card is being done  
| within Gallium3D.    


NVIDIA ought to just open up. They have nothing to lose and so much to gain.
Their results last night were abysmal, so they must change fast!


How Closed Does Nvid[i]a want to Be?

,----[ Quote ]
| Not so much staying closed, as closing down....


Nvidia "opens can of whoop-ass" on itself

,----[ Quote ]
| Nvidia is going to lose gobs and gobs of market share this year. They are
| effectively out of notebooks, will lose the high end in days, don't have
| anything close to a competitive line-up, have higher costs than ATI, and have
| to shell out money to keep partners alive. If you think this is bad, wait a
| little.


Kernel space: drivers that don't make the kernel scene

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux supports most hardware "out of the box" without adding a driver. Most
| of the missing drivers are proprietary, from uncooperative manufacturers, but
| there are a few where the license is right but the actual code is still
| missing. Why?


How NVidia impedes Free Desktop adoption.

,----[ Quote ]
| nvidia.ko: The NVidia driver is the single component in a KDE4 / Free
| Operating system stack causing us most of the hard-to-solve problems. In
| other words, nvidia.ko has grave technical shortcomings.


Linux Foundation points finger at Nvidia

,----[ Quote ]
| Though a statement issued Monday does not cite Nvidia by name, Linux
| Foundation Technical Advisory Board Chair James Bottomley cited Nvidia in a
| phone interview. "My intent is to point out the problems Nvidia has been
| causing themselves with their binary-only (drivers)," he said. "They are
| certainly one of the few companies sticking to a binary-only strategy."
| Binary-only means the drivers are essentially closed.


Position Statement on Linux Kernel Modules


NVidia says no to request to release open source drivers, once again

,----[ Quote ]
| Nvidia reiterated that it won’t provide open source drivers for Linux because
| the company claims there is no need for it.
| Nvidia provides binary Linux drivers and has open sourced some drivers such
| as the nv X driver and other utilities that work with the proprietary driver,
| including the installer, config and settings.The company is a leading
| provider of graphics cards and software for the desktop and embraces a cross
| platform strategy.

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