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[News] Lesser Known Distributions Are Success Stories Too

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Funtoo Linux installed!!!

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, I got Funtoo Linux, a derivative of Gentoo Linux, installed on my 
| desktop.  Funtoo is a distribution created by the founder of Gentoo, Daniel 
| Robbins.  In his website, Daniel describes Funtoo Linux as a:  
| Freshly-built Gentoo Linux variant, optimized for your processor, Funtoo 
| Portage unstable branch, includes OpenRC, dhcpcd and git. 
| He does not call Funtoo a fork of Gentoo though.  I like that since he really 
| wants to keep the Gentoo community intact. 


sidux, antiX, and SimplyMEPIS - still winners in 2009!

,----[ Quote ]
| I have not changed my view of the top desktop systems for my own personal use 
| as the landscape of distros changed at the end of 2008, nor have I changed my 
| view as we are two months into the 2009 year. I have elevated my view of one 
| system - Fedora. I really like the Alpha release of their Fedora 11. It shows 
| that even at an early testing stage, they are one of the few projects that 
| has managed to package KDE 4.2 well. When you couple that with the fact that 
| they are already among the leaders in security and virtualization centered 
| projects, this makes Fedora one of the leading projects to follow.       



Time to move to Funtoo Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| My primary reason to move to Funtoo is just for fun.  I miss the days back in
| 2004 where I stayed up all night getting my new Gentoo system to run.  I
| learned a lot about Linux in those days.  I feel it is time for me to brush
| up on my skills.  Also, Funtoo makes it easier for users to create and update
| their own Funtoo Portage system.  A must if a Gentoo-based system ever wants
| to become bleeding edge again.


Torvalds rejects one-size-fits-all Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Linus Torvalds has rejected the argument that Linux developers should pool
| their resources behind a single distribution.



,----[ Quote ]
| I sit here watching the first emerge --sync go slowly scrolling by in
| preparation for my second go around with Funtoo. The Funtoo creator Daniel
| Robbins, the same man who gave us Gentoo, has started a new project for us
| geeks to play with. My first pass with it was fine, and I still have it
| going, however while it has a functional X server and environment, it never
| made it past being a chroot playtoy. This time I'm putting the code to the
| metal as it were.


What I’ve Been Up To – New site, etc.

,----[ Quote ]
| http://www.funtoo.org has been redesigned. It now has more of a portal design
| to get you to the latest Funtoo, Funtoo+OpenVZ and Gentoo builds. I hope you
| like it :)


Metro 1.1 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve just released version 1.1 of Metro and updated the QuickStart Guide to
| reflect this new version. Currently, the only way to install Metro is to use
| git – see the improved QuickStart Guide for more information.


The Goal of Funtoo

,----[ Quote ]
| We are not a “fork” of Gentoo in the traditional sense of the word, though of
| course we are trying to do things better (otherwise, what would be the point
| of doing anything?) We are trying to aim to be as compatible with Gentoo as
| possible, so that it is easy for us to share technology with Gentoo.


Metro Released

,----[ Quote ]
| Hi everyone – Metro, my Gentoo automated build engine, has been released.
| I’ve written up a QuickStart guide to guide you through the process of
| installing and using Metro for the first time.


KDE 4.1.2 Unmasked in Gentoo

,----[ Quote ]
| Jorge beat me to it... I am very pleased to announce that KDE 4.1.2 is in the
| Gentoo official tree and I unmasked it a little earlier today. I think that
| all the big bugs have been squashed but there may be a few left lurking. I
| have learnt a lot more than I ever really wanted to about KDE initialization
| but hopefully that has helped me to improve the KDE experience in Gentoo.


Gentoo still rules

,----[ Quote ]
| Gentoo is pretty good for this kind of thing, whatever its other
| shortcomings. Does any other distro make it this easy to do such things? (I'm
| genuinely curious.)


Viva Gentoo

,----[ Quote ]
| Talking about a light desktop, there is now a Gentoo project to bring LXDE,
| the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, to our beloved distro. I already
| committed PCManFM, a fast and lightweight, tabbed GTK+ file manager, which is
| used as the default file manager in LXDE.


Satisfied Gentoo users

,----[ Quote ]
| If you, like me, would rather “think positive” — life can be depressing
| enough as it is — then here are some more recent, positive, reactions from
| satisfied Gentoo users...


I keep coming back to Gentoo!

,----[ Quote ]
| And in general, portage and all the gentoo associated tools feel better,
| maybe because I have become more accustomed to them. And final point, I do
| not have to install g++, it is already installed. The toolchain is already
| there to compile anything that I want.

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