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[News] Open Solutions Alliance Grilled About Intellectual Monopolies

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Open Enterprise Interview: Anthony Gold, president, Open Solutions Alliance

,----[ Quote ]
| GM: You've said you want to take the OSA to the "next level" by addressing 
| interoperability between proprietary and closed-source software. Could you 
| please say exactly how you intend to achieve that in practical terms? For 
| example, do you contemplate licensing deals with proprietary vendors, or is 
| it a matter of working towards common standards? If the latter, would they be 
| completely open?     
| AG: Indeed, I’m looking very forward to taking OSA to the next level by 
| extending the success we’ve had driving interoperability among open solutions 
| to interoperability among the solutions customer demand, regardless of the 
| nature of their licensing terms. And, these conversations are in the works.   
| I don’t anticipate working on licensing deals. The OSA doesn’t represent any 
| one commercial entity, so we would not enter into such deals as an 
| organisation.  
| Rather, I’m looking to work towards common interoperability practices and 
| standards that allow solutions to easily be deployed together. If these 
| efforts result in standards, I would expect them to be open so that they 
| could benefit everyone in the industry; however, the conversations aren’t at 
| that point yet.     


They chose a closed environment,


Essentia Powers Open Solutions Alliance Community Portal with EssentiaESP

,----[ Quote ]
| Essentia, a developer of software platforms and solutions for online
| communities and commerce, today announced the Open Solutions Alliance (OSA)
| has implemented EssentiaESP, the first community-engagement platform designed
| specifically for commercial open source, to power the Open Solutions Alliance
| community portal, a federated community of open source business and developer
| communities (http://www.opensoulutionsalliance.org). Founded in 2007, the OSA
| is a nonprofit, vendor-neutral consortium dedicated to driving the adoption
| of comprehensive open business solutions.

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