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[News] Krita 2.0 is Near, GNU/Linux Has Many Games

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Krita 2.0: a Host of New Features

,----[ Quote ]
| Boudewijn Rempt has summarised results of development for the next version of 
| Krita, the painting and image editing application for KOffice. Krita 2.0 will 
| contain a host of new features, some of which are unique in the free software 
| world. Below Piotr introduces some of the new features which will be 
| available in this release.    


21 More of the Best Free Linux Games

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the past 4 months we have continued to receive a steady stream of emails 
| from individuals recommending games that were not included in our previous 
| free game articles.  
| After much testing, we have whittled down these users' recommendations to a 
| list of 21 highly addictive Linux games, covering as many different types of 
| game genre as possible. Hopefully, there should be something of interest here 
| for all types of gamers! All of these games are great fun to play.   



Interview with Krita developers

,----[ Quote ]
| Boudewijn Rempt is a software engineer with a life-long interest in art,
| linguistics and theology who lives in Deventer, the Netherlands.
| Cyrille Berger lives in Toulouse, France. He’s working on a PhD in the
| robotic and computer vision field. When not coding for Krita, he likes
| photography (grayscale, silver film), drawing or going out in the mountains
| for walking or skiing.



Fie on Photoshop: Krita, the Real Photoshop Killer

,----[ Quote ]
| Two weeks ago we learned why Gimp, even though it is a superior
| cross-platform image-editing application, is not a "Photoshop Killer." I'm
| not fond of lurid headlines, but if I were to nominate a "Photoshop Killer" I  
| pick Krita.  


Significant progress in Colour Mixing in Krita.

,----[ Quote ]
| Emanuele Tamponi introduces the innovative work recently committed to Krita,
| covering paint mixing...


Krita 1.6: State of the art

,----[ Quote ]
| The KOffice raster image editor Krita reached version 1.6 along
| with the rest of the office suite earlier this month. But don't
| be misled; although Krita comes bundled with KOffice, it is not
| a second-tier productivity accessory like Microsoft Office
| Picture Manager. Krita is a fully-loaded raster graphics
| workhorse that stands on its own.

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