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[News] Debian GNU/Linux 5 (Lenny) Leaves Good Impression

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The Unthinkable: Moving From Ubuntu to Debian 5 Lenny

,----[ Quote ]
| I am thinking the unthinkable…..I am considering changing from Ubuntu 8.10 
| for my desktop to Debian 5. I have been running the Debian 5 Lenny candidate 
| for awhile and have bee very pleased with the stability and features. It 
| actually functions and acts more like the distribution I need and work on 
| than Ubuntu. Not so say that Ubuntu is bad, just that I typically do not need 
| or use the latest applications. I mainly work on my Linux desktop for about 
| 60 hours a week. So I really need something I can count on. Again, not that 
| Ubuntu has let me down, it has never really crashed on me but I do struggle 
| with bugs from time to time. I use my GUI desktop to work from as I manage 
| Linux servers, either Ubuntu or CentOS.         


Out next week.


Release update: deep freeze, planned dates, and remaining bugs

,----[ Quote ]
| As you've probably read by now, the Installer Team has announced [1] the
| availability of the second, and hopefully final, release candidate for
| the Lenny installer. Testing of these images is highly encouraged.
| Following the plan outlined in the previous release update [2], we are
| now in deep freeze, which means that we'll only be migrating to testing
| packages that fix RC bugs.

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