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[News] Exciting X.org Demo at FOSDEM 2009

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Texas Instruments Shows Mini Projector At X.Org

,----[ Quote ]
| A representative from Texas Instruments had showed up in the X.Org 
| development room yesterday to show off one of their new products: a very tiny 
| projector. This projector has a mini HDMI integrated connector for video 
| input, uses LEDs and DLP technology for display, and can easily fit within 
| your palm.     


Bringing Multimedia, Audio Into The X Server

,----[ Quote ]
| Helge Bahmann talked about bringing multimedia and audio extensions into the 
| X Server this morning at FOSDEM. Helge talked about this topic last year at 
| FOSDEM, but in the past year he has made more progress in this area. No 
| multimedia extensions are yet present in the mainline X Server, but his code 
| is working to varying degrees based upon the situation. This code is also 
| utilizing some existing X functionality already.      



X.org work

,----[ Quote ]
| We're nearing the beta freeze for Intrepid. Some stuff I've been working on
| lately...
| Fix for bad gradient banding on -ati - In testing some newer hardware with
| newish ATI chips, there's a noticeable issue with gradient rendering (see
| screenshot). It's quite noticeable with the Ubuntu background image, but can
| also be reproduced easily in Inkscape or Gimp. I coded up a patch to use
| dithering to minimize the banding. Having to use dithering on this very new
| hardware seems less than optimal, but at least it looks ok.


[ANNOUNCE] X.org 7.4

,----[ Quote ]
| The release notes point to the wiki.  Please update them responsibly if
| necessary.

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