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Re: [News] [Rival] More Layoffs Hit Microsoft

amicus_curious wrote:
> "Sermo Malifer" <sermomalifer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:gmn5sq$hdj$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> amicus_curious wrote:
>>> "Sinister Midget" <fardblossom@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:t6q166-f8g.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> And lay off coders and bug crushers.
>>> Ah, it is amusing to watch you silly geese struggle to find a button and
>>> sew on a shirt!  You hope and pray for Mr. Softee to stumble and so
>>> legitimatize your endless sneers and libels, but you must realize how
>>> fruitless that has proven to be.  Microsoft rises and falls with the
>>> consumer economy these days since it has become a mainstay of the broad
>>> middle markets.  You folk beam with pride when the Linux mind share
>>> moves from .7% to .8% or whatever and gleefully point to Windows decline
>>> from 91% to 89% or so in some off the beat survey.  Microsoft sets the
>>> pace, still, and is the world's standard of comparison for the desktop
>>> and has the largest share of any OS in the server room.  With maybe a
>>> nod to Netware, Linux is dead last in every market.
>> Linux has done very well for something that started as a college project
>> to learn about operating systems.
> So it has become the world's tallest midget.  So what?

Linux isn't in a competition to be the world's most used operating
system.  Its value is in what it does for its users, not in what profits
it makes for some corporation.

>> Too bad for you and M$ that Linux can't have its air supply cut off the
>> way they did to Netscape.   Maybe someday you'll wake up and realize
>> market share numbers mean nothing to free software.
> Nothing means much to free software.  

No corporation can kill it.

> I still do not really see how it
> differs much from the billions of lines of sample code that are to be
> found around the internet in various tutorial sites, developer help
> sites, and the like.  

There is none so blind as he who will not see.

> Microsoft itself provides huge amounts of How
> To... stuff on the MSDN site.  

Sure they do.   The help built into Windows is excellent.   But I still
want more out computing than the choice of either being Apple's customer
or Microsoft's customer.

> The only difference that I really see
> between FOSS and samples is that FOSS has a bunch of lawyers skulking
> around ready to pounce on anyone foolish enough to use their code in
> one's own work without following the FSF rules laid down by their
> philosophy. 

Which are simply don't use FOSS code without giving credit for it, nor
without making your modifications to it as free as the code you based
your work on.

> That, to me, is far less free than just plain old public
> domain or even the freeBSD or MIT licenses.

Free as in freedom, not free as in free beer.

BSD suffers a lack of funding because companies are free under the BSD
license to build commercial products on it and then give nothing back in

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