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[News] List of Graphics Tools for GNU/Linux, Games Also

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10 free photo/image tools for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Okay, you’re probably wondering why would anyone want an alternative image 
| editor to GIMP - the GNU Image Manipulation Program. After all, it appears in 
| all the major distros already and is easily the most popular image/photo tool 
| for Linux OSs.   


Top 5 Linux Games for 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| As we go about “realizing” our New Year’s resolutions were maybe just a bit 
| too stringent, I’m going review the top five games in Linux. Once the great 
| downfall to the platform now can only be considered a strength, in the hopes 
| you take up this guilty pleasure and wait for 2010 before you give up on 
| gaming. May I present the premier Linux gaming software with the best from 
| each genre.     



New Manju project plans to redraw desktop art

,----[ Quote ]
| Most free software projects produce applications for users. A minority,
| however, produce specifications or libraries for developers and other
| contributors. An example of this second type is the recently announced Manju
| project, whose goal is to make themes easier to create. The project's goal is
| to write the specifications and scripts for using scalable vector graphics
| (SVG) files to store widget and other theme-related information that can be
| used on a variety of toolkits.
| [...]
| But all these advantages are only possibilities. For now, Janik says, "Manju
| needs artistic input. It also needs code for the extraction, and the example
| code to demonstrate how SVG theme files can be used for toolkits." Once that
| work is done, "it also needs integration into existing toolkits. And this is
| something that can't really happen within the scope of the Manju project,
| because it is just providing the necessary groundwork. It depends on
| contributors to the individual toolkits" -- especially GTK+ and Qt.

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