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[News] Proof That Intellectual Monopolies Are Absolutely Sick

50 Years Of Scientific Discovery & Sharing In Antarctica May End Thanks To
Patent Greed

,----[ Quote ]
| Beyond the rather serious question of why either organisms or molecules can 
| be patented, this is a microcosm of what's wrong with patents. Patents are 
| supposed to be used to encourage research (promoting the progress, remember). 
| And this treaty has done a great job promoting progress without patents.    



Scientists Feel That Patents Cause Significant Harm To Research

,----[ Quote ]
| Michael Geist points us to a recent survey of scientists who say that IP
| protection has a negative impact on their research. It's greatly slowed down
| the ability to do research, as universities (thanks to the dreadful and
| damaging Bayh-Dole Act -- which has significantly hurt progress in scientific
| research) are trying to hoard anything that can be patented for the sake of
| profit, rather than scientific advancement. Of course, advancement doesn't
| work that way. It works through collaboration and sharing ideas -- and what
| patents do is add a huge bureaucracy to the process, encouraging secrecy, not
| sharing and hoarding, not collaboration. Once again, we're seeing that about
| the only folks who really truly benefit from patents are the lawyers.


Free The Facts: Critical Issue, Killer Presentation

,----[ Quote ]
| Dave Gray's Free The Facts presentation is a must-read, must-share for anyone
| who cares about either science or open access.


Patent office rejects subdomain patent claims

,----[ Quote ]
| The PTO rejected all 20 patent claims over Internet subdomains held by a
| company called Hoshiko, which were used to bully sites like LiveJournal and
| Freehomepage.com and pursue litigation against larger companies like Google.
| The idea behind how to manage subdomains--domains hosted within larger
| domains, such as news.cnet.com--is too obvious to patent, the PTO ruled after
| the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation requested the patent be
| re-examined.



"Where does the pressure come from?"

,----[ Quote ]
| Peter Jungen and the EEI wonder if openness rhetorics risks turning Europe
| into an innovation "dead zone".


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