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[News] New Version of Ed, AGPL-licenced Twitter Clones/Editors

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Version 1.2 of GNU ed released

,----[ Quote ]
| I am pleased to announce the release of GNU ed 1.2.
| GNU ed is an 8-bit clean, more or less POSIX-compliant implementation of the 
| standard Unix line editor. 


Where are the open-source twitter clients?

,----[ Quote ]
| On the other hand, perhaps it is not the need for an open-source client that 
| is missing, but an open-source micro-blogging service to replace Twitter; 
| enter identi.ca, which is available under the AGPL licence. identi.ca has a 
| bridge which allows posts (or "dents") from identi.ca to also appear on 
| Twitter. Essentially, identi.ca has solved two problems in one go, with the 
| highly open-source community using the service as a testament to this.     



Source Code For Twitter-Like App, Trillr, Now Available

,----[ Quote ]
| Developers of Trillr, a microblogging project similar to Twitter, announced
| this week that its source code is now available to anyone who wants it. The
| idea for Trillr was conceived in 2007 as a peer group experiment among team
| members who wanted to learn more about Python and Django, and was created as
| an enterprise tool with enhanced features like group discussion and a user
| directory.


Vietnamese Twitter-clone Saigonica violates AGPL

,----[ Quote ]
| There is a new Twitter-clone in Vietnam called Saigonica.  It is based on the
| open source micro-blogging tool called Laconica, currently one of the most
| popular Twitter-clones.  It is nice to see the Vietnamese technology
| community embracing open source software.  Their contribution to the open
| source community will be very valuable in the upcoming years.  The Vietnamese
| localization of Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and OpenOffice are some clear examples of
| their contributions so far.  Their contributions demonstrates a willingness
| to give back to the open source community and keeping the open source
| software free.
| Unfortunately, Saigonica does not seem willing to give back to the open
| source community.


identi.ca creator Evan Prodromou explains why he's taking on Twitter (video)

,----[ Quote ]
| Bzzz.... bzzz...... bzzz...... That's not the sound of bees. It's the buzz
| surrounding new, open source Twitter competitor identi.ca. Creator Evan
| Prodromou sat down at OSCON in front of Linux.com's video camera and
| explained what identi.ca is all about and why it's suddenly such a hot item
| that he's been meeting with multiple venture capitalists -- and can be
| cavalier enough about those meetings that he canceled one to work on some
| code bugs that were bothering him instead.


Identi.ca Launches, an Open Source Twitter

,----[ Quote ]
| Evan Prodromou, one of the better citizens of the wiki community and founder
| of WikiTravel, launched Identi.ca today.  Its a Twitter clone that is also
| distributed as Open Source licensed software.


Laconica: Can Open Source Save Twitter?

,----[ Quote ]
| Lots of people are addicted to microblogging service Twitter - including
| substantial chunks of some open source communities. There are a fair number
| of Ruby on Rails developers twittering these days, for example. But Twitter's
| scaling and reliability issues lately have many people wondering whether it's
| time to look for an alternative. Identi.ca, backed by open source package
| Laconica, wants to be that alternative.


Could An Open Source "Twittersphere" Save Twitter? Or Kill It?

,----[ Quote ]
| Is Twitter too important to be left in the hands of Twitter? That's the
| argument that bubbled up over the weekend. The argument is that Twitter is
| not distributed. This means that if Twitter goes down no one can Twitter. It
| also means if Twitter goes out of business, or just screws up, we could lose
| all of our tweet history.

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