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[News] Mozilla Proceeds to Phone with Free Software

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Mozilla thinks outside the box, launches open source Mozilla Phone project

,----[ Quote ]
| It looks like things are about to get heavier than ever in the smartphone 
| world as Mozilla begins work on designing and building what may be the 
| world’s first crowd-sourced mobile handset. Working closely with Aza Ruskin 
| of Mozilla Labs, Yanko Design’s Billy May has been tasked with heading the 
| design aspect of the project and this is where things get interesting. Anyone 
| familiar with YD knows that May certainly has an eye for design but that 
| doesn’t mean he should go it alone, right? In true Mozilla fashion, the 
| company will begin designing its first ever handset - dubbed Mozilla Phone 
| for the time being - with help and guidance from anyone and everyone.        


Mozilla spreads the Freedom elsewhere too (video, ID, etc.):

Facebook Throws its Weight Behind OpenID

,----[ Quote ]
| In a blog post Thursday, Facebook's Mike Schroepfer (formerly of Mozilla), 
| said, "It is our hope that we can take the success of Facebook Connect and 
| work together with the community to build easy-to-use, safe, open and secure 
| distributed identity frameworks for use across the web."   



why open video?

,----[ Quote ]
| There’s one exception to this: video on the web.  Although videos are
| available on the web via sites like youtube, they don’t share the same
| democratized characteristics that have made the web vibrant and distributed.
| And it shows.  That centralization has created some interesting problems that
| have symptoms like censorship via abuse of the DMCA and an
| overly-concentrated audience on a few sites that have the resources and
| technology to host video.  I believe that problems like the ones we see with
| youtube are a symptom of the larger problem of the lack of decentralization
| and competition in video technology - very different than where the rest of
| the web is today.
| In my mind there are two things that help drive that kind of
| decentralization:
|     * You should be able to easily understand how something moves from a
|     computer-readable format to something that is presented to a user.  For
|     example, turning HTML into a document, turning a JPEG file into a picture
|     on the screen or using HTTP to download a file.
|     * You must be able to implement and deliver that technology without
|     requiring anyone’s permission or license.  In reality this means that it
|     should be available on a royalty-free basis and without encumbered
|     documentation.


Mozilla champions Open Source Web video

,----[ Quote ]
| THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION is putting its significant clout and cash behind an
| initiative to create an open video format on the Web which would let users
| watch streaming video all over the Internet without having to use a plug-in.

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