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[News] KDE Conference Concludes, KDevelop 4 Reaches Beta

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Camp KDE Continues And Finishes

,----[ Quote ]
| Camp KDE, the KDE community event of North and South America, has finished. 
| Similar to the European KDE meeting, Akademy, the first two days were based 
| around a series of talks on various topics. After that we moved towards BOF 
| sessions, local discussions and programming. We had a trip to the Appleton 
| Estate, visited Rick's café and had a lot of fun. The following article 
| details some of the things that kept us busy.     


KDevelop 4 Beta 1 Available

,----[ Quote ]
| On behalf of the KDevelop team I am happy to announce that we have reached 
| the next milestone on our way to a final release, KDevelop 4 Beta 1. We feel 
| that KDevelop 4, although in no way feature complete, is now usable and 
| stable enough to get first feedback from a somewhat wider audience. Being a 
| beta there are of course still bugs and missing functionality, but we have 
| excellent language support for C++, integration of the CMake buildsystem, 
| subversion, git and even starts of Qt GUI designer integration.      



KDevelop 4: A New Era

,----[ Quote ]
| I've decided to write a series of blogs detailing the work that has gone on
| behind the scenes for KDevelop version 4, the new IDE that is now 3 years in
| the making. Like KDE4, KDevelop has seen much work on essential internal
| mechanisms (much like the pillars of KDE), the power of which will become
| evident over the next year or so. Progress has been great recently, with the
| hackathon we had in Munich earlier this year, productive SoC projects and
| several more/new developers becoming active again, it's looking like we can
| expect to be releasing a pretty solid beta within about a month.


KDevelop 3.4 release Announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| The KDevelop Team developers are proud to ship KDevelop 3.4, the
| fifth major release of this award-winning Integrated Development
| Environment (IDE).
| This version of KDevelop offers many new features and fixes around
| 500 bugs.
| "A small team of 27 developers contributed over a timespan of fifteen
| months to this release. The userbase has been growing steadily, the
| average download of 25 times per hour is a proof of it, and that gave
| us lots of inputs on how to improve the program." noted Amilcar
| do Carmo Lucas, release co-coordinator.


Qt Creator, KDevelop

,----[ Quote ]
| I decided to give both Qt Creator, the new IDE from Qt Software, and KDevelop
| from today's svn trunk/ a whirl. Now, I'm not an IDE kind of guy. It's no
| secret that I'm an old fart who uses vim and lots of konsole tabs to do his
| development. The only GUIs I use in development are tools to visualize the
| output of valgrind runs, a web browser for patch review and defect reports
| and applications to communicate with my teammates (konversation, kontact and
| skype). No IDE is in that mix and I like it that way.


New Qt Creator IDE from Qt Software

,----[ Quote ]
| News emerged recently that Qt Software (formerly Trolltech) were working on
| their first IDE for Qt, code named Project Greenhouse. Today saw the release
| of the first technical preview under the name Qt Creator. The initial release
| is binary only, and under the terms of the Qt preview license, but the final
| release will be released with source code under a GPL compatible license.


plasma is now feature complete?

,----[ Quote ]
| Behold, new eyes plasmoid in all its scalable SVG greatness!

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