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[News] Linux is Still Taking Over Cameras

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Smart cameras gain open-source platform

,----[ Quote ]
| The LeanXcam runs the open-source µClinux operating system. In addition, a 
| software framework and integrated development environment, designed by 
| Supercomputing Systems, are distributed under the LGPL v2 open-source 
| license.   



Sony DSC-G3 Camera Has Wi-Fi and Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| At the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show Sony presented the new camera from
| its Cyber-shot product line. The DSC-G3 comes with a Zeiss lens with 4x zoom,
| a large 3.5" touch display and 4 GBytes of internal memory. Most interesting
| is the camera's software that includes, among other things, face and scene
| recognition, based on Busybox and Kernel 2.6.11 for the Access Linux Platform
| (ALP).


WiFi digital camera runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Sony Electronics is shipping a digital still camera with WiFi for uploading
| files to photo-sharing services. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3 offers
| 10-megapixel recording, a 4X optical zoom, DLNA compliance, 4GB of memory,
| and face- and scene-recognition software that runs on Linux.


Linux still top embedded OS

,----[ Quote ]
| In a new whitepaper on Linux in the embedded market, VDC researchers cite the
| following reasons for Linux's popularity:
|     * Licensing cost advantages
|     * Flexibility of source code access
|     * General familiarity
|     * Maturing ecosystem of applications and tools
|     * Growing developer experience with Linux as an embedded OS


Embedded Linux research report ships

,----[ Quote ]
| EDC noted that some 40 percent of the survey's 500 respondents were targeting
| embedded Linux.
| [...]
| Also in the earlier reports, Andrews observed that the need for RTOS source
| code was "one of the reasons that proprietary RTOSes created in-house for a
| specific system have long been popular, and now it's a primary motivating
| factor in the adoption of Embedded Linux."
| The now completed survey results are said to include "expert analysis" from
| Ann Thryft, a 20-year industry veteran. The report includes chapters on
| platforms, processors, tools, languages, security, target devices, mobile
| development, and of course, Linux.

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