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[News] Linux Became Very Easy, Microsoft Terrified of Desktop GNU/Linux

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Linux is a piece of cake.

,----[ Quote ]
| Like cake, Linux is a mixture of ingredients. You can mix and match those 
| ingredients to achieve your desired result. As in making a cake, how well 
| your Linux turns out depends on your experience or ability to follow a recipe 
| or instructions.    


Proof that Microsoft Now Fears for the Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Hmm, lookee here: Microsoft wants to hire a Director, Open Source Desktop 
| Strategy 


This would be the people who -bribe- -extort- lobby companies like H-P and Dell
to drop GNU/Linux.


Is Linux Easy to Use?

,----[ Quote ]
| Today’s Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Suse and Fedora can be installed
| very easily. In Ubuntu the user required actions are just 4-5 clicks. The
| installer is clever enough to partition the hard disc without loss of data
| and co-living with other operating systems installed prior. I love this
| feature a lot.


Easy Peasy Eeebuntu Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently I purchased an eeepc 1000H and was quite impressed with the new and
| different operating system. I hail from a windows only background and
| anything apart from the Microsoft offerings I have left well alone, until
| NOW. The eee came with something called xandros installed and although fairly
| basic it did give me a taste of linux and I wanted more.


_EeeBuntu made my wife happy_

,----[ Quote ]
| My wife bought an eeePc 701/4G earlier this year.
| I was checking all the Windows machines for MS and anti-virus updates.
| When I turned on her eeePC it gave a low disk warning. I tried cleaning
| everything off the computer that she didn't need; however, I couldn't
| get enough free disk space to update Windows. After I had plaid with it
| for an hour or so, my wife told me she didn't use it anymore because it
| was too slow. She told me I should install Linux on it </shock>.
| I installed the EeeBuntu remix on it. She has been using it for the past
| 2 days. It runs pretty well when the CPU isn't supporting an anti-virus
| program as well as the OS. It has all the applications she needs, and
| still has 1 GB of SSD left for more of them.
| It's the remix of Ubuntu 8.10.
| When she is happy, I am happy.
| Edit: I'm not complaining about Windows. It was just the wrong OS for my
| wife's needs.

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