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Re: RBS Worldpay hacked for $9 million ..

____/ Doug Mentohl on Friday 06 February 2009 19:33 : \____

> Erik Funkenbusch wrote:
>> Funny, but I wonder why you didn't go to Netcraft and show what technology
>> Worldpay uses for it's web sites.  I suspect I know the reason.  Let's
>> see...

Piss off, Funkenbusch troll. This is a Linux /advocacy/ forums.


"JAMES PLAMONDON: We’re going to talk about the tactics of evangelism. This is
the one-slide review of the previous presentation, and that says it all right
there. This
time we’re going to talk about the tactics of evangelism. First, the role of
independent software vendors—are pawns in the struggle between platform
They are today’s allies; tomorrow, who knows? Tomorrow, you know, it could have
been that Netscape was a little applications company that we thought was great
and we
worked with, and then suddenly they caine up with this competing platform. The
bastards! And you never know which way they’re going to go. They"

> Interesting, what were the backend and the ATMs running on, as according
> to this Social Security numbers and payroll information were taken, what
> would they be doing on a web server or an ATM machine ?
> "The stolen account information that the hacker got hold of also
> included the Social Security numbers of about 1.1 million account
> holders .."
> http://www.bankinfosecurity.com/articles.php?art_id=1150
> "In November, RBS realized someone had hacked into its computer system,
> which processes payroll cards (cards where an employer pays workers on a
> bank-type card), reward and prepaid gift cards (the credit-card-branded
> type that you can use at many different stores)"

Why feed the Microsoft TEs?

                ~~ Best of wishes

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