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Re: is it Windows 7 or KDE 4? ..

Erik Funkenbusch wrote:
On Fri, 06 Feb 2009 17:19:54 +0000, Doug Mentohl wrote:

Is it Windows 7 or KDE 4? In this video, we take to Sydney's streets to find out what people think of what they think is a Windows 7 demonstration ..


Key word, Demonstration.  They weren't allowed to use it themselves or the
jig would have been up.

They showed them a small subset of apps that had nice chrome, and they
clearly knew how to use it, so it looked "easy" to them because they
weren't the ones driving it.

They got similar reactions from the Windows Mojave experiment.

Ya know what would piss me off? If I were a Lay person who saw a KDE4 demo masquerading as Windows 7, and knowing no better, went and bought W7 when it went Gold. Imagine the disappointment when I see the product is nothing, nowhere near what KDE4 /has now/ as opposed what W7 /could have in five years or so/?

Disclaimer: No fluffy warm creatures were maimed, dismembered, tortured, deplumed, discarded, deflowered, dropped, twisted, wrungOut, extended, respliced, broken, humiliated, irradiated, browbeaten, pickled, deluded, duped, detained, mishandled, desiccated, bronzed, belittled, coddled, expelled, deported, imbibed, elected, marginalized, placated, misrepresented, overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, prepackaged, overly petted, genetically altered or cloned during the making of this product, except of course for Bunny and Bear

 - IE4 Easter Egg

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