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[News] A$$ociated Gangsters Claim Intellectual Monopoly on Obama's Face

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AP Demands Money For Iconic Obama Poster Image

,----[ Quote ]
| Just last week, we wrote about the question of whether or not the iconic 
| image used on Obama posters that was created by street artist Shepard Fairey 
| was copyright infringement. For a while, no one (including Fairey) could 
| figure out what photo was the basis for the image. But a photojournalist 
| tracked it down, and discovered it was by a photojournalist named Mannie 
| Garcia, who was doing work for the Associated Press at the time. Garcia 
| didn't mind at all, but as we noted in our post, the AP might take a 
| different view on things, since it's so aggressive with copyright. However, 
| even we thought the AP wouldn't be so stupid as to actually demand payment 
| for the use of the image... but we were wrong.          



AP dumps Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Until now AP used Microsoft's MSN media player to distribute videos. Vole
| flogged ads alongside the material, sharing the revenue with AP.


What's Fair Use, Anyway? AP Has a Thought, and So Do I

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that AP has purported to establish fair use guidelines that would make 5
| words licensable as *not* fair use, I thought I'd explain a bit about fair
| use and about why Groklaw no longer will link to or quote from any AP
| articles. I've seen reports that AP has backed off in some not quite
| clear-to-me way, but I notice their list of fees remains online.
| [...]
| And that is why Groklaw no longer will quote from or link to AP, and I'd ask
| you not to do so in your comments either. I can't pay $50 a pop, and I don't
| like being sued, even though I'm positive the 5 words guideline would fail. I
| think you've seen how horrible litigation really is, from watching the SCO
| saga, so do go along with this decision, please. Nothing AP has is worth this
| kind of hassle.


The Cost of Excerpting the AP

,----[ Quote ]
| It's priced by the word, and using a 5- to 25-word excerpt costs $12.50 with
| a 251-word or longer excerpt costing a ridiculous $100.
| This ordeal reminds me a lot of the fight against piracy. No matter how much
| the AP tries, it will never be able to curtail the entire blogosphere, just
| as the RIAA will never be able to completely eliminate piracy. The big
| question remains: Will the AP's reputation begin to resemble that of the


Associated Press expects you to pay to license 5-word quotations (and reserves
the right to terminate your license)

,----[ Quote ]
| In the name of "defin[ing] clear standards as to how much of its articles and
| broadcasts bloggers and Web sites can excerpt" the Associated Press is now
| selling "quotation licenses" that allow bloggers, journallers, and people who
| forward quotations from articles to co-workers to quote their articles. The
| licenses start at $12.50 for quotations of 5-25 words. The licensing system
| exhorts you to snitch on people who publish without paying the blood-money,
| offering up to $1 million in reward money (they also think that "fair use" --
| the right to copy without permission -- means "Contact the owner of the work
| to be sure you are covered under fair use.").

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