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[News] Ubuntu Linux Listed as Top Free Software/Open Source

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In Open Source I trust: Top 5 projects for daily use

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu - Although we have been using Debian for years on our client servers 
| (as well as virtualization) I wanted something on my desktop that was easy to 
| use. Ubuntu with KDE (I install kde from source, but you can get KDE on 
| Ubuntu by downloading Kubuntu) is a great combination.  You can make your 
| desktop OS your own through customization. Ubuntu doesn’t use as many 
| hardware resources as Windows and it’s free.      



Welcome to Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| When it comes to software nothing could be bigger than the operating system
| that runs the computer — even here, there are freeware operating systems
| based on Linux that enthusiasts and even casual users can install.
| Currently, the most full-featured and user-friendly freeware operating system
| has got to be Ubuntu, a Linux-based consumer and server grade operating
| system that’s been getting better and better with each upgrade.


DE: Böblingen considering migration to Open Source desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| The city of Böblingen in the south of Germany next year will try out
| migrating to an Open Source desktop. It wants to have an alternative in place
| when its current proprietary licences run out around 2010.
| Three of the city's about a dozen departments will be moving to a desktop
| based on the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution, according to David Gümbel, an
| Open Source IT consultant helping the city administration with the migration.

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