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[News] Linux-based iPhone Challenger Out Within Weeks

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Sprint EOL list reveals target Palm Pre launch, plenty more

,----[ Quote ]
| For the Treo Pro, we know that the target in-stock date corresponds with the 
| launch of 2/15. This could indeed put the Pre launch on or around 3/15, but 
| we wouldn’t bet on it. Sprint wants to move their stock of Treo 755Ps before 
| they get to the Pre, and if we were a betting bunch, we’d peg the Pre release 
| closer to May/Early June than Mid-March.     



ISV announces Palm Linux ports

,----[ Quote ]
| Brazilian independent software vendor (ISV) Handcase says it is porting about
| 100 of its PalmOS applications to the Linux-based WebOS platform set to debut
| in Palm's forthcoming Pre smartphone. Handcase is also translating some 323
| of its PalmOS apps from Portuguese to English, it says.


Like the Pre? Wait Until It's Actually Finished

,----[ Quote ]
| Palm is taking a page from Apple's iPhone strategy book when it comes to
| keeping things quiet regarding its newly-announced Pre smartphone and webOS
| mobile platform.


Palm request for app store advice opens floodgate

,----[ Quote ]
| Andrew Shebanow didn't imagine that asking for feedback about how Palm Inc.'s
| app store should work would open up a flood of input. He also didn't expect
| the move would change his job description. But now both have happened.
| On Jan. 8, Shebanow, who is working on a third-party application distribution
| system for Palm's new operating system, posted an item on his blog looking
| for input from developers on how that system should work. He threw out a few
| questions, such as: How should application updating and installation work?
| Should Palm offer payment processing or leave it to third parties? Should
| application trials be available? How should Palm handle featured
| applications?
| By Wednesday, he had removed the post, replacing it with one saying that its
| popularity had caught him and Palm by surprise. "My boss has asked me to hide
| the post while management decides what they want me to do about it," he
| wrote.


StyleTap Considering Creating a Palm OS Emulator for webOS

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the more controversial features of Palm's new webOS is something it
| doesn't offer: a way to run Palm OS applications. However, StyleTap may
| change this, if it finds that making a Palm OS emulator for webOS to be
| doable.


Why Pre is the right move for Palm

,----[ Quote ]
| Foleo, a Linux-based Netbook that perhaps arrived ahead of its time. When it
| was introduced in mid-2007, reactions were mixed. It was one of the first
| devices from a reputable and established company to fill the gap between
| smartphones and laptops, but critics weren't receptive to its $500 price tag
| and lack of compatibility with third-party software.
| But Palm was also quietly tuning a version of Linux for its next-gen
| handsets. Last week at CES, Palm announced a new operating system, called Web
| OS, and the first device to run it, the Pre. It also announced an application
| store, called Pre Catalog. And that's when things got very interesting: the
| Pre blew everyone away.


Objects Of Desire #1 - Palm Pre smartphone

,----[ Quote ]
| There, I've confessed, and I'm feeling better already. And the current object
| of my unfathomable desire? The Palm Pre smartphone, unveiled last week at the
| Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.


2009: Year of the Linux Handheld?

,----[ Quote ]
| A common inside joke on Slashdot is the "Year of the Linux Desktop", a
| revelation about each upcoming year being the mythical time when Linux will
| obtain wide-scale adoption on desktop PCs. Although the number of PCs running
| Linux has increased each year, a new emergent trend is that Linux is becoming
| a popular on more consumer handheld devices.


Palm shows off 'Centro' smart phone

,----[ Quote ]
| Gearlog called the Centro "Treo 800" and "Gandolf," both names that have come
| up before among the Palm enthusiasts. It's also not clear if Centro will run
| Garnet, the decaying version of Palm OS, or a newer Linux-based version from
| Access or Palm. No further details were forthcoming from Palm, but the
| devices shown at the Sprint event were slated for this fall.    

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