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[News] GNU/Linux is Growing in the Press

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Open Source Engineering, a new blog on Electronics Weekly

,----[ Quote ]
| We are delighted to announce a new addition to our stable of blogs on 
| ElectronicsWeekly.com - one that addresses an increasingly important area. 
| The new Open Source Engineering blog features the use of Linux and GNU 
| software in industrial, embedded and mobile applications. We hope it provides 
| useful, informative and entertaining content, and please feel free to 
| contribute with your own comments on the posts.   


Last year:

Asian Linux user groups aim wide

,----[ Quote ]
| One public event the group organized last year was the Beijing Software 
| Freedom Day. The grassroots version of the international event saw some 700 
| attendees and subsequently won the Best Software Freedom Day award from the 
| international panel, alongside Nepal and Nicaragua.   
| This year, the group helped with the Linux Developer Symposium in February.
| The BLUG also expects to support two large events at the end of the year: 
| Gnome Asia Summit in September and the OpenOffice.org Conference (OOoCon) 
| 2008 in October. The latter, in particular, will mark the first time OOoCon 
| is held in Asia.    


Increasing Linux Participation in China: Our Symposium

,----[ Quote ]
| We regularly hold Linux Foundation Symposiums in Japan where key Linux 
| developers meet with local developers to increase participation and encourage 
| collaboration. These events have been very successful. Andrew Morton, for 
| instance, has been quoted as saying he’s seen an increase in successful 
| patches to the kernel from Japan by about 20% percent. While you can’t trace 
| everything back to our regional outreach efforts, I do think it has a direct 
| effect.      

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