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Re: [News] H-P's Version of Desktop GNU/Linux Released

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> HP releases netbook interface for Ubuntu
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Hewlett Packard has released a custom version of Ubuntu Linux designed
> | for netbooks. For the HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition, to be exact. Under the
> | hood, the operating system is based on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. That
> | means it can run pretty much any application that runs on Ubuntu
> | including OpenOffice.org, Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird and Pidgin. In
> | fact, it comes preloaded with all of those applications plus a few more.
> | It's also fairly easy to install other Linux staples like image editor
> | GIMP.
> `----
> http://www.downloadsquad.com/2009/02/04

> A conversation with Bdale Garbee
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | It's difficult not to notice Bdale Garbee, the chief technologist for
> | open source and Linux at Hewlett-Packard, when he attends the Australian
> | national Linux conference.
> | 
> | You can't miss the tall figure with the well-maintained beard, holding,
> | like a plaything in one hand, a little laptop that has a prominent
> | Debian sticker on it.
> `----
> http://www.itwire.com/content/view/22859/1148/

Bdale Garbee is now the enemy of Micoshaft Corporation
because he sells Linux.

The entire micoshaft army of micoshaft GESTAPO secret agents will now
be dispatched against HP.

Using Stazi techniques, micoshaft marketing department
criminals will hang Bdale Garbee's pictures on the walls with all
the things he has said that micoshaft will regard as 
anti-micoshaft and anti-windummy and anti-micoshaft crapware
bottom line.

The whole bum boyee army of micoshaft 'Oh Balmer is my Pappy'
marketing criminals will now plot to

a) attack HP techies by denying them WINDUMMY training
b) attack HP marketing by denying them sales meeting invitation
c) attach HP by denying them web shite content
d) attack HP directors by denying them investment / walk away
   from deals after having so much time and wasted it all
e) attack HP by infiltrating the suppliers to HP of Linux kit
   and promising them sales that will NEVER materialise
   to divert away HP investment and cooperation
f) attack and abuse HP Linux engineers by threating HP management
   with sanctions a,b,c,d; who will then go on to abuse its Linux
   engineers and Linux management on behalf of micosahft corporation.

That is what happend to previous Linux engineers
and managers in Del and Walmart. Any remaining Linux engineers
and managers are survivors against the pressure of GESTAPO secret
agents and Stazi methods from criminals operating inside micoshaft
marketing departments.

All here about Del PX09280.pdf http://www.iowa.gotthefacts.org 
All here about Walmart PX_09617.pdf http://www.iowa.gotthefacts.org 

HP was until a few months back claiming Linux test marketing
had failed for them. Did they lie or were they
conned by the same tactics at Del and Walmart?
Isn't time some directors were put on the chopping blocks?
How many Linux engineers were lied to and sacked through
this episode?

Del, Walmart and HP should be escorting micoshaft spies off their premises
if they know whats good for them.

They should only be let back with the TOUGHEST MOST RESTICTIVE POSSIBLE NDA
clauses that read something like this...

"You shall not formally write down any notes about our company,
 its products, its services, its staff members, and its suppliers
 gained from its staff on to any electronic and non-electronic
 based systems of files and reporting systems
 without our express written clearance. Any copy you hold of such
 information past and present shall be agreed to be handed over
 on demand with the signing of this NDA. Those that we request
 to be deleted shall be deleted to our satisfaction from all your
 databases and record keeping systems."

No wonder Linux has left the big corporations operating out of America
behind. All down to micoshaft criminals. Linux sells 3 million+ embedded
Linux gadgets PER DAY. Thats a lot of money for retailers - from flat TVs
to IP webcams, routers, set top boxes, net laptops, DVD players, DVD HD
recorders, MP3 to MP5 players etc. Thats Linux giving more revenue than
micoshaft and appil put together earned by retailers. They should total all
that up and leverage it to push out low income products like micoshaft
products. And then teach HP, Del, Walmart a lesson or two about managing
micoshaft spies and leveraging Linux to push out micoshaft
spies from their premises and do some creative product develop
without micoshaft.

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