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[News] Linux Torvalds Interviewed (Czech Press)

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Linus Torvalds – Interview at linux.conf.au 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| 1) Have you given any more thought to changing the version numbering model of 
| the kernel? 
| I'd actually like to change the version numbering because right now the 2.6 
| doesn't mean anything at all. Maybe you read the discussion, we had some 
| discussion on the kernel mailing list. Just from the discussion my takeaway 
| was that right now it's just not worth the pain. So, I think we'll revisit it 
| in a year or two, and when we are 2.6.38 or whatever, we'll say “OK, we're 
| still 2.6, maybe we should reset the numbering some way”. But nobody really 
| came up with very strong arguments for or against any other numbering scheme. 
| There were lots of people with different opinions, but there was no 
| consensus. So, right now, no. In a couple of years maybe we'll revisit it.        



Interview with Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| DW: What are the most exciting things coming up in the Linux kernel?
| LT: The things I personally care about tend to not even be on the radar of
| most people. The changes to the very lowest levels of the suspend and resume
| model are an example of something I look at closely and think are
| interesting. Most other people don't think that kind of thing matters - at
| least as long as we don't break their laptops suspending ;) Of the actual
| stuff that has any visible impact to users, I guess the interesting area is
| that we're getting all these next-generation file systems and they're going
| to battle it out. "ext4 vs Btrfs in the thunderdome."


Linux Gazette: February 2009 (#159)

,----[ Quote ]
|     * Mailbag
|     * Talkback
|     * 2-Cent Tips
|     * News Bytes, by Deividson Luiz Okopnik and Howard Dyckoff
|     * rI18N or The Real Internationalization Project, by Anonymous
|     * Installing VMWare Server 2 on Ubuntu Server 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), by
|       Deividson Luiz Okopnik
|     * Away Mission: 2008 in Review - part 1, by Howard Dyckoff
|     * Hyperestraier Redux - A User-friendly Approach, by Ben Okopnik
|       Automating Hyperestraier's indexing and web interface configuration
|     * Using The Red Hat Rescue Environment, by Joey Prestia


The world according to Linus

,----[ Quote ]
| He doesn't own a mobile phone and he is proud of it. And he thinks
| virtualization is over-hyped. Find out what else we prize from Linux guru,
| Linus Torvalds.



Linux set for more handsets in 2008-Torvalds

,----[ Quote ]
| But last month Web search leader Google said it would offer a software
| platform, built on Linux, to make the Internet work as smoothly on mobile
| phones as it does on computers.
| "I haven't been personally involved but it certainly looks like 2008 may be,
| thanks to the Google Alliance, one of the years you will find more widely
| available phones with Linux," Torvalds told Reuters in an interview on
| Friday.


Linus Torvalds on Open Source: 'A Much Better Way to Do Things'

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux really wouldn't have gone anywhere interesting at all if it hadn't been
| released as an open source product. I also think that the change to the GPLv2
| from my original "no money" license was important, because the commercial
| interests were actually very important from the beginning. The commercial
| distributions were what drove a lot of the nice installers and pushed people
| to improve usability. You need a balance between pure technology and the
| kinds of pressures you get from users through the market.


The Grill: Linus Torvalds in the Hot Seat

,----[ Quote ]
| The Finnish creator of Linux says open-source software isn't really an
| anti-Microsoft movement; it's just a better model for getting the job done.
| [...]
| Microsoft and Novell last year announced a partnership for the
| interoperability of Windows and SUSE Linux. Some analysts are saying this
| kind of agreement is positive for consumers and can help popularize Linux. Do
| you agree? [Linus:] I don’t know. I don’t actually think the Novell-Microsoft
| agreement matters all that much in the end, but I think it would be healthier
| for everybody if there wasn’t the kind of rabid hatred on both sides. I’d
| rather just worry about the technology. The market will take care of itself.


Interview with Dr Andrew S Tanenbaum

,----[ Quote ]
| Andrew S Tanenbaum: A couple of years ago this guy called Ken Brown
| wrote a book saying that Linus stole Linux from me, from Minix,
| and therefore the intellectual property rights are unclear and
| therefore companies shouldn't use Linux because I might sue them.
| It later came out that Microsoft had paid him to do this --
| and I defended Linus. I wrote on my Web site saying that this
| guy Brown came through, visited me and I gave him the
| [correct] story.


Linus Torvalds talks future of Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| LT: We really don't expect to need to go to a 3.0.x version at all: we've
| been very good at introducing even pretty big new features without impacting
| the code-base in a disruptive manner, and without breaking any old
| functionality.
| That, together with the aforementioned lack of a marketing department that
| says "You have to increase the version number to show how good you are!" just
| means that we tend to just improve everything we can, but you're not likely
| to see a big "Get the new-and-improved version 3!" campaign.


Torvalds attacks Microsoft over open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt among open source users,
| Linus Torvalds said in an interview published last week.
| [...]
| Microsoft could offer no response to Torvalds' comments at the time of
| writing.


Torvalds on Linux, MS, software's future

,----[ Quote
| CW: Didn't you fear you would lose intellectual property when you released
| Linux?
| Torvalds: I didn't think in those terms (and still don't). It was never about
| intellectual property, it was about all the effort I had put in, and it was
| about the project being something personal. But yes, I was a bit worried that
| as a totally unknown developer in Finland, somebody would decide to just
| ignore my license, and just use my code and not give back his changes. So it
| worried me a bit. On the other hand, what did I really have to lose?


Interview with Linus Torvalds

,----[ Quote ]
| We can’t start without a question: does Linux infinge Microsoft patents?
|     As far as we know, the answer is a resounding “no”, and it’s all
|     just MS trying to counter-act the fact that they have problems
|     competing with Linux on a technical side by trying to spread FUD.
| [....]
| What do you think about Novell and Microsoft’s agreement? Which future
| developments will produce? And what about Red Hat’s events?
|     I really don’t care. You’re asking all these marketing and
|     company questions, and the thing is, I’m not at all into it. I’m
|     totally uninterested. What I’m into is the technology, and working
|     together with people.

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