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[News] GNU/Linux Integrates with Windows-centric Enterprise

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Exchange 2007 and the Linux Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Geek points! I got in a "Stranger in a Strange Land" reference! In this case, 
| it is not martian patience, it is just that there is not choice. MAPI support 
| is coming soon, but it is not here yet, and it is getting here far faster 
| than it might otherwise have, since the various projects have access to the 
| actual protocols this time around. It still will take some time. I fully 
| expect that Evolution 2.26.0 will be followed by a series of point releases 
| while all the bugs get worked out on this brand new feature set.      
| The funny thing about all this is that it probably still is only a short term 
| thing before all the angst about these protocols fades from relevance. Cloud 
| Computing, Google Gears,, SaaS, Linux based Netbooks, and all the current 
| technology has us heading away these paradigms can not help but have an 
| impact here.     



Connected: Microsoft Outlook 2007 is no prize, either

,----[ Quote ]
| Outlook 2007 is one of the weaker applications in Office 2007. At times I get
| so frustrated with its slow response and idiosyncrasies that I'm tempted to
| uninstall it and go back to Outlook 2003. Readers also have frustrations.


Outlook 2007 users complain about slow performance

,----[ Quote ]
| Early users of Outlook 2007, the latest version of Microsoft Corp.'s
| market-leading e-mail client, are voicing widespread complaints about
| the software's sluggish performance.


65 Reasons Why Outlook 2007 Will Suck


E-Mail Marketers Should Look Beyond Outlook

,----[ Quote ]
| Unfortunately, you can't add code, or any HTML for that matter, to a
| message in Microsoft Outlook. That leaves adding graphics as an
| attachment, which is a showstopper.


Microsoft confirms OneCare zaps Outlook, Outlook Express e-mail

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp. has acknowledged that a bug in its Windows Live
| OneCare security suite has been causing users' e-mail to vanish
| from Outlook and Outlook Express.


Microsoft Breaks HTML Email Rendering in Outlook 2007

,----[ Quote ]
| If support for web standards in browsers is improving slowly,
| then support in email clients is moving at a glacial pace.
| Attempts to document things like CSS support in the major
| email clients have revealed a depressing state of affairs,
| but with recent desktop clients like Thunderbird now sitting
| on solid rendering engines, things have been looking up.


DOD bars use of HTML e-mail, Outlook Web Access

,----[ Quote ]
| The JTF-GNO mandated use of plain text e-mail because HTML messages
| pose a threat to DOD because HTML text can be infected with spyware
| and, in some cases, executable code that could enable intruders to
| gain access to DOD networks, the JTF-GNO spokesman said.

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