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Re: Windows 7 UAC flaw silently elevates malware access---Weak links in chain of trust

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____/ Investigative Reporter Web server on Wednesday 04 February 2009 22:30 :

> nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> <Quote>
>> Researchers have uncovered yet another flaw in Microsoft's Windows 7
>> beta that could allow attackers to gain full administrative privileges
>> by bypassing the operating system's UAC, or user access control....
>> "Unfortunately this flaw is not just a single point of failure,"
>> writes security blogger Long Zheng. "The breadth of Windows
>> executables is just too many and too diverse and many are
>> exploitable." ...
>> </Quote>
>> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/02/04/windows_uac_flaw/
> <Quote>
> Both researchers say they've received word that Microsoft has already
> changed the UAC behavior in internal Windows 7 builds. A Microsoft
> spokesman said he was looking into the matter. We'll update if we hear
> back. In the meantime, Windows 7 users may want to set UAC to "high."
> <Quote>

They must already be "high" is they run BetaVista7.

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