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Re: Microsoft’s long, slow decline continues

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____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Wednesday 04 February 2009 14:44 : \____

> <Quote>
> History tells us that no business is immune to the decline of age and
> Microsoft is proving to be no exception....
> Windows’ fall has been happening now since early 2008. Microsoft was
> running scared well before then though as Jim Allchin, former head of
> Microsoft’s Vista program, said in 2002, “we are not on a path to win
> against Linux.”
> Then, in December 2008, Windows dropped below 90% of the desktop
> market for the first time since Windows 98 appeared. Now, Windows is
> down to 88.26%. Mac OS X is within touching distance of 10% and Linux
> is still hanging in there with 0.83%.
> The news is even more dramatic if you look at Web browsers. Internet
> Explorer has been dropping at about .6% a month over the last twelve
> months. Internet Explorer is now down to 67.55%. The winners? Open-
> source’s application darling, Firefox with 21.53%, followed by Safari
> at 8.29% and Google’s open-source Chrome popping up over 1% at 1.12%.
> ...Microsoft was in decline long before the market collapsed.
> Microsoft is showing its age, and it’s not pretty.
> </Quote>


He's feeding an Apple/Microsoft-sponsored 'study' (maybe logs from Apple.com
and Microsoft.com for all one knows because they don't tell).


"Our Partners/Clients include Microsoft, Apple, Amazon/Alexa, Opera and
ExactTarget. And, we're looking to grow that base as well as enhance our
contact and communications with our existing base."

I told SJVN about it and he'll write an article to expose Net Applications.

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