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[News] Two New Linux Partnerships: StartCom, LinuxForce

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Joint Venture

,----[ Quote ]
| I’m excited to personally announce the joint venture between SevenL Networks 
| and MediaHost™, StartCom’s long-standing hosting department. What started as 
| a noble gesture from SevenL, developed into a partnership for our combined 
| hosting companies and has the potential to grow much stronger at different 
| fields and interests where both our companies are actively involved.    


LinuxForce Expands Partnership with The Franklin Institute

,----[ Quote ]
| LinuxForce, Inc., a leading Linux-based technology services firm and a 
| thought-leader in the Linux and open-source technology spaces, today 
| announced a major expansion of their technology partnership with The Franklin 
| Institute. With this expansion, LinuxForce will be responsible for the 
| maintenance, monitoring and security of three of The Franklin's key 
| information systems including ten virtual servers. The new agreement is the 
| culmination of a series of successful consulting projects during which 
| LinuxForce assisted museum staff with the administration of these systems and 
| demonstrated their ability to meet The Franklin's critical business needs.        



Presence Technology Tapped as Digium Open Source Solutions Partner

,----[ Quote ]
| As part of its mission to expand its partner universe and increase the number
| of value added applications available for their Asterisk (News - Alert)
| Business Edition, Huntsville, Alabama-based Digium, the creators of the open
| source telephony software Asterisk are always looking to innovative
| companies.


Alfresco and Remote-Learner.net Partner to Deliver Moodle eLearning Integration

,----[ Quote ]
| Alfresco Software Inc., the leader in open source enterprise content
| management (ECM), today announced an OEM partnership with Remote-Learner.net,
| the provider of open source solutions for online learning management, record
| keeping and learning object storage to corporate, academic and governmental
| clients. The partnership will deliver solutions to allow learning
| organizations using Moodle’s open source course management system (CMS) to
| access Alfresco’s robust open source ECM repository to support content
| development and reuse.

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