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Re: Uncle Sam buys 20 teraflops BlueGene super

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____/ Homer on Tuesday 03 February 2009 22:43 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx spake thusly:
>> "All BlueGene machines run Linux..."
> Partly true, however IBM utilise their own minimal custom OS for the
> central control of all nodes, and BLRTS (BLue-gene Real Time System)
> on the compute nodes (presumably a microkernel). Linux or AIX run on
> the data nodes. Running Windows (any version other than CE) requires
> emulation, or Microsoft porting it to the PPC architecture. Possible
> but unlikely.
> [quote]
> 3.3 System Management Software
> The control infrastructure  is a critical component of  our design. It
> provides a  separation between execution  mechanisms in the  BG/L core
> and policy  decisions in external nodes. Local  node operating systems
> (Linux for I/O  nodes and BLRTS for compute  nodes) implement services
> and are  responsible for  local decisions that  do not  affect overall
> operation of the machine. A "global operating system" makes all global
> and collective  decisions and interfaces with  external policy modules
> (e.g.,  LoadLeveler)  and  performs  a variety  of  system  management
> services, including: (i) machine  booting, (ii) system monitoring, and
> (iii) job launching.
> [/quote]
> https://asc.llnl.gov/computing_resources/bluegenel/pdf/software.pdf

I wish Linux was not used to power weapons (or repositories thereof) that only
evaporate human civilisation.

That's not to say about who IBM traded with in the 30s.

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