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Re: James Kuyper of Microsoft: "Linux has many disadvantages"

Jerry McBride <jmcbride@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Screw Bill wrote:
>> James Kuyper, M$ spokesman:
>> "I think an objective assessment reveals that Linux has many disadvantages
>> in terms of market viability. One of the biggest disadvantages is the
>> apparent unwillingness on the part of the Linux development community
>> to take into account certain demographics, in particular the less tech
>> savvy of computer users. Certainly not everybody has the time and
>> inclination to learn the innards of an operating system in order to be
>> able to use it day by day and get things done."
> And yet they expect the typical windows user to to daily battles with virus,
> worms, malware and trojans? What a moron... Not to mention the
> reboot-shuffle whenever you install something and... god forbid if
> something goes wrong...

Is the typical comp.os.linux.advocacy reader a moron who can't 
detect the splashback attack being instigated by the follow-up
headers in the original?
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
Followup-To: comp.lang.c

Please pay a little more attention in the future.

I tried the Vista speech recognition by running the tutorial. I was 
amazed, it was awesome, recognised every word I said. Then I said the 
wrong word ... and it typed the right one. It was actually just 
detecting a sound and printing the expected word! -- pbhj on /.

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