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[News] Interview with Sun's CEO About Free Software

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The Grill: Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz on the hot seat

,----[ Quote ]
| We are preconfigured for the downturn. If you think about the discretionary 
| expenses that go into operating a data center, first and foremost there's the 
| physical plant itself -- the physical space, the power consumption, the HVAC. 
| So all the work that we do around energy efficiency and on getting optimal 
| performance -- it's because the environment ends up being a huge operating 
| expense for our customers. And to the extent that we can help them lower 
| their environmental impact, we're also lowering the economic impact on their 
| businesses. That's clearly Job 1.       



Q&A: Jonathan Schwartz on Sun's open-source business strategy

,----[ Quote
| Sun is rising, and open source is the driver behind its rebirth.
| Jonathan is an executive who sincerely believes in open source as a 
| fundamental business-model advantage, and not as a cheap complement to throw 
| to the community in order to drive sales of "the real value." It's not a 
| marketing gimmick with him. It's a strategy for winning. Jonathan, despite 
| wearing a tie when we met, clearly understands the importance of community 
| before commercial. Or, rather, he understands that community leads to 
| commercial success.      


Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3

,----[ Quote ]
| [Linus:] Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3" Linus is 
| quite pessimistic about Sun's commitment to open source: "So 
| they want to use Linux resources (_especially_ drivers), but 
| they do *not* want to give anything back especially ZFS, which 
| seems to be one of their very very few bright spots).


Sun CEO: "Proprietary"...did more damage to sun than any market downturn

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun has discovered the exact same thing. Freedom sells. Or, rather,
| services around freedom sell. The freedom itself is, well, free.

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