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[News] Jimmy Wales Expands Creative Commons Empire; Lessig and FOSS

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Jimmy Wales Quietly Launches Wikianswers

,----[ Quote ]
| Here’s a question for you. How many Q&A sites does the Web really need? 
| Already, there is Yahoo Answers, WikiAnswers, Mahalo Answers, Linkedin 
| Answers, ChaCha and dozens beyond. But Wikia (and Wikipedia) co-founder Jimmy 
| Wales thinks there is room for one more.   
| We learned from a tip that he has quietly launched Wikianswers, a Question & 
| Answer site that attempts to create one true, consensus answer for each 
| question, wiki-style. If this sounds familiar it is because Wiki Answers, 
| which is part of Answers.com, does the exact same thing and had 26.7 million 
| unique visitors worldwide in December (comScore). (Yahoo Answers had 144.7 
| million worldwide uniques in December).      


Free Culture (99 of 108)

,----[ Quote ]
| A similar story could be told about the birth of the free software movement. 
| When computers with software were first made available commercially, the 
| software--both the source code and the binaries--was free. You couldn't run a 
| program written for a Data General machine on an IBM machine, so Data General 
| and IBM didn't care much about controlling their software.    



Mozilla Grant will help Wikipedia Support Video

,----[ Quote ]
| The proliferation of standards-based video sharing and collaboration is set
| to take off with a $US100,000 grant from the Mozilla Foundation to fund the
| development of the Ogg Theora video codec and server-side streaming software.
| Wikimedia developer Michael Dale announced the sponsorship during a
| presentation on Wikipedia's video content initiatives at this year's
| Linux.conf.au conference in Hobart.

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