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[News] Audio: Linux Karaoke, Interviews, Radio Shows

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Karaoke Software for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Asians, especially Filipinos, really love to sing. I can easily say this 
| because in our country, it’s normal to see karaoke machines at the malls, 
| restaurants, bus stations, prisons, mental institutions, and even on the 
| streets. Also, a lot of people here have their own karaoke players at home.   


Episode 51 Mandriva 2009.0 xfce

,----[ Quote ]
| This episode I install the xfce version of Mandriva 2009.0. It’s a very user 
| friendly distro and great for people who want to avoid the command line. The 
| artwork is also very well done. I didn’t have much to say so I skipped the 
| intro.   


FLOSS Weekly 54: Maemo

,----[ Quote ]
| Quim Gil is an open source advocate in Nokia's Maemo software unit, where he 
| promotes good open source development and practices at a platform and 
| application level both inside Nokia and in the Maemo community. He also helps 
| build relationships between Maemo and the upstream projects that make Maemo 
| happen. The Maemo platform is 80 percent open source and most of it comes 
| from projects like the Linux Kernel, Xorg, the freedesktop.org and GNOME 
| umbrellas, and more.      


Stretching your dollars with Linux on blogtalkradio

,----[ Quote ]
| blogtalkradio’s Frugal Networker Ken Hess and I go at it again, this time 
| discussing the use of Linux during challenging economic times. Click here to  
| listen to the podcast.  


Linux Void: Episode 19 - Snow Day



Eric Raymond on Hacking, Open Source, and the Cathedral and the Bazaar

,----[ Quote ]
| Eric Raymond, author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar, talks with EconTalk
| host Russ Roberts about the ideas in the book--why open source software
| development has been so successful, the culture of open source, under what
| conditions open source is likely to thrive and not to thrive, and the
| Hayekian nature of the open source process. The conversation closes with a
| discussion of net neutrality.


Episode 0x05: Eben Moglen on Origins of Copyright and Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| In a speech recorded in December 2008, Eben Moglen speaks about the origins
| of copyright and patents from a historical perspective.
| This show was released on Tuesday 20 January 2009; its running time is
| 00:54:50.


FLOSS Weekly 52: Casey Reas and Ben Fry on Processing.org

,----[ Quote ]
| Guests: Ben Fry and Casey Reas for Processing


Linux Broadcasts

,----[ Quote ]
| As a big proponent of the GNU/Linux operating system, I thought I would
| recommend a few broadcasts you can listen to on the Internet that deal with
| this great alternative to Microsoft Windows. This is a good way to listen and
| learn about how to use Linux and the benefits you can derive from it.


Linux Outlaws 71 - Evil@Home

,----[ Quote ]
| MP3 - 1 hour 36 minutes 42 seconds, 44.4 MB — you can also download all our
| episodes in both MP3 and Ogg Vorbis format from the Outlaw Archives.


Ubuntu Podcast Episode #16


FLOSS Weekly 51: cURL


Open Sources Episode 5: Open Source and venture funding


5 Linux Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

,----[ Quote ]
| Contributing to Linux and the Open Source movement can come in many guises.
| Programming, filing bugs, translating, blogging, and of course podcasting! In
| this day and age, jumping behind a mic and speaking isn’t really hard, whats
| hard is actually sticking out of the clutter. Here are 5 podcasts that made
| an unknown blogger from Saudi Arabia jump out of bed at 4  in the morning to
| write about them!


Linux Guy and Windows Guy Walk a Mile in Each Other's Shoes

,----[ Quote ]
| What would happen if a Linux user switched to Windows. How about if a Windows
| enthusiast tried Linux? The results were surprising to both, and they
| illustrate just what needs to happen in order for Linux to finally break into
| the mainstream PC market.

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