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[News] Review of the OzOS 0.9 GNU/Linux Operating System

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Linux Distro Review - OzOS 0.9

,----[ Quote ]
| OzOS is a Linux operating system unknown, but marked by a desktop environment 
| that is called Enlightenment. It's a system of which I heard about for the 
| first time in the international forums of Dreamlinux. It's a derivative of 
| Ubuntu and is developed by a group of people who have created a little piece 
| of diamond. Let me to show you what this distro have to offer.    
| [...]
| It's worth to downloading the ISO image of this distro and install it on PCs 
| to have a small, beautiful and solid operating system as Ubuntu. OzOS live is 
| primarily a system devoted to the installation on hard drive. In live session 
| it's a system with limited features.   
| OzOS is a Linux operating system nice, fast, well designed that wait to be 
| downloaded by you. 
| Congratulations to the developers.


Another fine derivative.


Omega 10 Live CD Beta: Fedora With Added Multimedia

,----[ Quote ]
| I wanted to run a couple of other multimedia tests on a more powerful desktop
| machine - it has an AMD Sempron 3800+ processor and 1.5GB of RAM with two DVD
| drives. On this machine Omega 10 loaded much quicker, the sound and screen
| resolution (1280x1024) were perfect and my wired network was automatically
| configured.


Omega 10 Desktop Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The Red Hat community engineer behind the Fedora Games and Fedora Xfce media
| spins, Rahul Sundaram, had announced the release of Omega 10 Beta this past
| weekend. Omega is a desktop/mobile Linux distribution that is based upon
| Fedora but includes packages from the Livna RPM repository. The Omega 10 Beta
| release is roughly equivalent to the Fedora 10 Beta to be released tomorrow,
| but integrates multimedia support not found in Fedora along with delivering
| other added functionality.

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