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[News] Friendly Rivalry Between KDE and GNOME Heats Up

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Gnome vs KDE in Ubuntu - 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Two very popular Desktop Environments , that are used by two major Ubuntu 
| distributions. 
| Ubuntu uses as default Gnome and Kubuntu uses KDE. If we are to keep the 
| facts straight we need to also take into consideration the versions. Ubuntu 
| OS taken into consideration is 8.10 called (Intrepid Ibex). Ubuntu 8.10 uses 
| Gnome 2.24 and Kubuntu 8.10 uses KDE 4.1.   


This is good. It motivates both 'camps' to do exciting new things.


Combined KDE and Gnome developers meeting

,----[ Quote ]
| Following a decision by the developers of the KDE and Gnome desktops in mid
| 2008 to co-host the Akademy and Guadec developers events on Gran Canaria in
| 2009, the organisers have now fixed the date: Guadec and Akademy will be held
| from the 3rd to the 11th of July 2009.


Fancy Up Your KDE or GNOME With Eye Candy [Linux]

,----[ Quote ]
| Two web sites that are all about eye candy for for Linux are KDE-Look and
| GNOME-Look.
| [...]
| If you ever wanted to know where people get the super-cool stuff for Linux
| that makes it look so modern, sleek and so on - said people probably got it
| all (or at least a good chunk of it) from one of those two sites.


GNOME's Stormy Peters on the Most Important Desktop Issue

,----[ Quote ]
| The GNOME Foundation executive director, Stormy Peters, recently wrote a bit
| about why the focus on "the KDE versus GNOME" debate is not the real issue.
| Many commenters on her post agree (while others actively demonstrate) that it
| is counterproductive.


Ubuntu Ultimate 2.0 : Ubuntu 8.10 + Well Customized GNOME + Multimedia
Codecs + KDE Goodies

,----[ Quote ]
| After Ubuntu gained popularity, some distributions switched
| to Ubuntu as their base distribution. Also many new Ubuntu
| based distributions started to appear. Most of these can be
| categorized based on the following criteria,
|     * Customized based on Desktop Environment
|     (KDE/GNOME/XFCE etc...)
|     * Customized based on country/language/religion
|     * Customized with extra applications/drivers/multimedia
|     codecs
|     * Customized for a specific purpose
|     (scientific/forensic/academic etc...)


GNOME 2.25.3 released !

,----[ Quote ]
| Wow we are so late this time -- probably some Debian blood is still
| flowing through my veins -- but this is really worth it, 2.25.3 is
| here and there is goodness overflowing.


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