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[News] Department of Defence Starts Free Software Development

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DOD launches site to develop open-source software

,----[ Quote ]
| Defense Department officials have launched a new Web site where developers 
| can work on open-source software projects specifically for DOD, David 
| Mihelcic, the chief technology officer for the Defense Information Systems 
| Agency (DISA), said today.   
| The new site, named Forge.mil, is based on the public site SourceForge.net 
| which hosts thousands of open-source projects, Mihelcic said at an AFCEA 
| Washington chapter lunch in Arlington, Va.  


Sourceforge's Mirrored Content Gets a Hand

,----[ Quote ]
| With over 180,000 open source projects in its repository, SourceForge.net has 
| a lot of files it needs to track and serve. 
| It can become a challenge to manage all those downloads. For the most part, 
| Sourceforge relies on a system of globally distributed mirror sites that help 
| to deliver open source application files and programs to users.   



Open source makes serious headway in the U.S. Department of Defense

,----[ Quote ]
| As I listened to David Mihelcic, CTO with the U.S. Defense Information
| Systems Agency talk about the benefits of open source on Federal News Radio's
| presentation of "Open Source Solutions - 2 Years In Review," I couldn't help
| but be impressed with just how far open source has come in the past decade.



Ball Aerospace Launches Opticks Open Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Opticks is used by scientists and analysts within the Department of Defense 
| Intelligence Community to analyze remote sensing data and produce actionable 
| intelligence. Opticks supports Imagery, Motion Imagery, Synthetic Aperture 
| Radar (SAR), and multi-spectral and hyper-spectral remote sensing data. Ball 
| Aerospace expects Opticks to increase the demand for remote sensing data and  
| broaden the features available in existing remote sensing software.    
| "Ball Aerospace's Opticks demonstrates how government-sponsored code 
| originally developed by a contractor can be maximized by releasing it as open 
| source," said John M. Weathersby, executive director of the Open-Source 
| Software Institute. "This creative business development effort is consistent 
| with the forward-thinking strategy outlined in the Department of Defense's 
| Open Technology Development roadmap."     

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