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[News] Open-source Politics in the Globe and Mail

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Open-source politics breathe fresh air into the Big Smoke

,----[ Quote ]
| In a corner of his wife's office in the Centre for Social Innovation, in an 
| old red pile on Spadina, Mark Surman is trying to find a spot quiet enough 
| for a phone interview.  
| "Tonya, can I sit here or will I drive you guys nuts?" he asks above 
| clattering keyboards. 
| "You'll drive us nuts, but we love you."
| [...]
| "Open" is a hot item in Toronto these days. Mr. Surman is an evangelist for 
| the cause of openness. It's not just free, open software like Firefox, built 
| by a coalition of volunteers and paid staff. It's open ideas, open 
| information, and now, open government. And activists like his wife are 
| pushing these ideas into the realm of social innovation.    
| Nobody ever accused Toronto of being Silicon Valley North. But the ethos of 
| open-ness has caught on, and it's starting to turn Toronto into a capital of 
| a different kind.  



Open source software - A key element in Norwegian ICT-strategy

,----[ Quote ]
| Last but not least we will evaluate how to promote knowledge and training 
| in open source software in further education. And we will collaborate on 
| improved educational courses on this subject at college and university 
| level.   


Minister champions open source endeavour

,----[ Quote ]
| Nenna Nwakanma, the chairman of the FOSSFA council executive committee, 
| explained that the foundation has a basic strategy plan running up until 
| 2009. The plan encompasses 12 themes, four of which were to be focused on 
| over the next six months.   

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