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[News] Windows Margins Are Dead... GNU/Linux on Lightweight $10 laptops?

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$10 laptops on anvil for students

,----[ Quote ]
| The Human Resource Development Ministry is in the final stages of bringing 
| out a $10- $20 low power device to take the laptop right into the villages 
| and into the hands of practically every student across the country.  



Govt plans laptops for students at Rs 400

,----[ Quote ]
| Students across the country will be able to buy specially designed laptops at
| affordable prices with the Government planning to provide them the gadget at
| around Rs 400.
| [...]
| "The government aims to provide 10-dollar laptops to students and research in
| this direction is on," said D Purandeshwari, Minister of State for Human
| Resources Development in New Delhi.


Are India and China taking over open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| The company has offered downloads of its ActiveVOS visual orchestration
| system since March and noticed a troubling trend:
|     We expected to have downloads from all over the world, but the shocking
|     truth is that a majority of our downloads are coming from outside the
|     U.S., especially from India and China. A conversation I had with a
|     marketing director at a major open-source ESB provider confirmed that
|     company is seeing fully half of its downloads from India and China.



HRD hopes to make $10 laptops a reality

,----[ Quote ]
| So far, the cost of one laptop, after factoring in labour charges,
| is coming to $47 but the ministry feels the price will come
| down dramatically considering the fact that the demand would
| be for one million laptops.


India can live without Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| More than 6,500 Linux systems have already been packed off to
| villages and another 6,100 Acer desktop systems with Suse on
| their way.
| Umashankar said that more than 20,000 desktop systems will be
| installed in schools that will only run on Suse. All ELCOT
| servers will run on Redhat. ELCOT expects to train 30,000
| government officials in Linux and Open Office too.

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